Rush Poker

If you played musical chairs as a child, you will enjoy the fast-paced game of Rush Poker. Think of it like this - when you played musical chairs, the object of the game was to walk around a set of chairs. When the music stopped, you had to quickly sit in an empty chair in order to continue playing the game. Rush Poker is similar in that you are playing with a pool of players. When you fold, you will be "rushed" to another table to play the next hand. See the comparison? Rush Poker is only available at Full Tilt Poker.

You really have to be "quick on the draw" to play Rush Poker. In fact, there is even a Quick Fold Button that speeds up your move to another table even faster whether the players are there or not!

Some poker players have asked if they can watch the game before actually playing it. Unfortunately, because it is such a fast-paced game and because players are constantly moving to different tables, there is no prudent way to observe this game. You have to play it!

Another frequent question asked is how are the blinds posted and how does the seating position work? Well, Full Tilt Poker requires that you post the big blind when you join Rush Poker. Subsequently, the big blind belongs to the player who has played the most hands without posting the blind. If there's a tie, the big blind is randomly picked by the players who tied. All seating positions are random.

When playing Rush Poker, you are given the same amount of time to move as you would in normal play. But there are exceptions. According to Full Tilt, "During pre-flop play, if it is your turn to act and no players have raised in front of you, you will have a shortened decision time and will not have the option to activate your time bank; if there is a raise in front of you, you will have the standard decision time and the option to activate your time bank. Also, your time bank will be fully replenished at the start of each hand."

Rush Poker is perhaps one of the most exciting poker games to ever hit the online poker circuit. It is clear that Rush Poker is the next generation of poker games that will take the world of poker by storm. Even Full Tilt Poker warns that: "Rush Poker is extremely fast paced - prepare yourself for the most intense poker action in the world!"