Slotbox Slots

If you were a fan of the original Tetris or you have enjoyed some of variations of this highly addictive game, then you will love Slotbox. Unlike many of the other slot video games that are available for you to play, this one doesn't have any reels or pay lines which actually shows just how much the slot gaming market has advanced. When you play slotbox at 888 casino you can play for fun or for real money and the only difference between the two variations is the change in colour of the background screen, but both are as exciting as each other with fantastically crisp graphics and a great theme tune to keep you entertained during your game.

Falling Blocks

If you are of the Tetris generation or you have enjoyed the brain training that it offers as you try to cleverly rotate the falling blocks so that they all fit together perfectly, then you will love the simplicity that slotbox offers you. As with any online game, you need to check out the pay table so that you understand how you win money. There is a block pay table which is displayed next to the grid, and in this you will see that is shows different amounts for gaining singles, doubles, triples and quads; goals relate to the number of horizontal rows that get deleted as the blocks fall. You can alter you bet wager throughout the game by hitting the 'stake up' or 'stake down' button. The wager amounts range from 1p to £20 which does make this a great option for penny slot players and high rollers.

Box Block Tips

What makes Slotbox so popular is that it is really very simple and you don't have to do very much except decide how much you want to bet, and then just sit back and watch the cascading blocks. As the game progresses you might be see a rainbow coloured block fall into play; this is a magic block and when it is part of a completed row you will be rewarded with 10 free spins, or 10 free grids. All winnings from the free grid round are doubled before being added to your overall winning total.

Slotbox Fun

If you are wondering where you can play this new type of slot game, or video slot game without reels or pay lines, then look no further than 888 casino. At 888 you will find great incentives and a very easy to navigate lobby area.