Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots

Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots is the sequel to Betsoft’s Sugar Pop . This game is awesome in every sense of the word. There is no comparison between this game and the original Sugar Pop Slots. Sugar Pops 2 has so many features that it is essential for you to read the pay table before you play. If you’ve every played Candy Crush Saga, Sugar Pop 2 will remind you of that game and will keep you glued to your monitor and/or mobile device for hours.

Game Facts

Super Pop 2 is a 7x7 slot game that will literally blow your mind, it’s that great! But after reading the pay table, you will know exactly how to play this new slot game. The slot itself is filled with candies of all shapes and colors; much like the original Sugar Pop only more and more of them. The Free Spins symbol is a Red Gum Drop and will appear frequently. Each and every spin will yield a win. There is an Auto Play button as well as a Double Up button that, when choosing the correct side of a gold coin, you can double the amount bet. To the left of the slot, there is a Level Score Box and a Game Score Box. Each time you win, the scores will increase. To the right of the slot is a long tube that will fill with yellow liquid each time you win.

Special Features

The reels do not spin in the traditional sense, but instead the symbols drop down. You will see a red and white striped cannon that explodes on the screen replacing symbols with other symbols. There is also a Fizz Pop and a Lollipop that will also appear on the screen, as well as candy canes that remove symbols in horizontal and vertical directions. Here’s the best part of this game: You can win over 500 free spins playing Sugar Pop 2! The Free Spin is a Red Candy with the letters FS on it. Huge wrapped candies and other candies will also appear on the screen adding more winning combinations. There is also a ticking time bomb at the right hand corner of the slot. It starts out as a small bomb, but with each win increases in size. Once it explodes, it removes a block of symbols that are replaced with new symbols. Again, there is so much going on it this game that we strongly recommend you read the pay table before you begin play. Once you begin play, you won’t be able to stop.

Play the New Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots

We highly recommend you play Betsoft’s new slot game as it is literally filled with so many special features, and is so much fun to play! We invite you to play Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots at our recommended casinos.