Sugar Pop Slots

I have to say that Sugar Pop Slots is the most unconventional slot game I have ever played. It's a combination of Bejeweled (except using candy symbols) and Bingo, trying to discern a pattern as a bonus measure in the game. Moreover, there are levels to this game. I quit at level 14, because after a while I was tiring of it. However, you can see just how far you can go playing very new and very different slot game from BetSoft. This is a very difficult game to review because I don't honestly see an "end" game. So here goes.

Game Facts

There are no reels in the conventional sense nor pay lines, but rows of candy that when appearing in a bunch of the same kind, either horizontally, vertically, touching horizontally or vertically, and combinations of candies; all will smash and new candies will come down from the top. I can tell you that the coin size ranges from two cents to 50 cents, with a max bet of 250 coins. I can also tell you that this is a very lucrative game. I amassed over 38,000 score points at level 14. What that means in dollars in cents is questionable. Additionally, there is a Bonus Pattern in the game that tells you that if you reveal an S, R, U pattern, you win. Getting there is another story. Also, on the right side of the slot machine is a container that fills up with each level you achieve.

Candy Symbols

In the regular game, there are these candy symbols: red gumball, blue jelly bean, purple triangle candy, orange square candy, heart shaped pink candy, green minty candy, and yellow drop candy. There are other candy symbols as well. The Super Color Red candy symbol will pay out 2xs your trigger bet. The Color Bomb candy, the Candy Canes, Cotton Candy, Jelly Beans, Caramel Chew, Green Gum Drop, Lollipop, Chocolate, Jawbreaker, and White Chocolate are all special candies that play a role in achieving advancement into each subsequent level. The problem here is I can't discern how many levels there actually are. But I can tell you with each level, you are awarded points.

Winning at Sugar Pop Slots

Each time you get a series of winning combinations, the words Sweet, Tasty, Delicious, Delightful, and Super Sweet pop up on the screen. In most cases, the Lollipop will appear and swirl the candies in a clock-wise circle until they stop and you resume the game. However, when the ribbon candy appears, you have reached a new level and earn more points. Note that I played this game for two hours to get to Level 14 and although my game score was over 34,000, my balance, dollar-wise was a little over $1300. I did find the music soothing, up until the candy combinations occurred and the annoying lollipop music got to be too much. But all in all; it was fun to play.

Play Sugar Pop Slots

As I said in the opening paragraph, Sugar Pop Slots is unconventional, yet, it has a certain pull that wants you to achieve higher and higher levels of play. So if you are a true gamer, and love slots as well, you will no doubt enjoy playing Super Pop Slots for hours!