Arcade Fortunes: A New Slot from an Old Era

Arcade Fortunes Slots

I really don't consider myself a fan of the 80s, but to some it was a wonderful era. I did enjoy the disco music, however, and it is surely the case that many of you recall other important events. Introducing Arcade Fortunes Slots from Arrow's Edge will give you a sneak preview as to what this slot game is all about. While we don't have all the particulars as yet, suffice to say what we do have will bring back memories. I can say that it is one of the oddest slot machines I've seen. The characters are okay, but the card symbols (you know how I feel about them) are made of what looks like building blocks, with tinted blue, pink, and green. Oh well, if you can ignore them, you're ahead of the game.

Game Facts

Arcade Fortunes is a 5-reel, 18-payline double progressive jackpot bonus slot game. The base jackpot is 2000, but the two progressive jackpots are terrific. The first is called the Mystery Jackpot and when the slot hits $10,000, this Mystery Jackpot will pay out. The second progressive jackpot is called the Super Slots Jackpot. When it hits between $40,000 and $45,000, someone is going to be a big winner. In addition, you will also come across sticky wilds (literally), free re-spins, and a special bonus game that offers two options.

Ready to Blow a Bubble?

Yep, Arcade Fortunes has a bubble gum symbol that will appear on reel 5. When it does, the bubble will explode and one to three pieces of bubble gum will stick onto the reels in random slots. Each of these pieces of gum will then become the sticky wilds, and will remain in place while you respin up to 3 times.

Skee Ball Round or Galaxy Bonus Round?

I use to love to play Skee Ball at our local arcade, and Arcade Fortunes offers Skee Ball as one of the options in its bonus round. When you get three or more scatter symbols, you will be taken to a second screen (inside an arcade) where you will be asked to choose either the Skee Ball Bonus Round or the Galaxy Bonus Round (which is a video game). The Skee Ball round will award you 3 random prizes. The Galaxy Bonus round will award you one prize, however the value will be higher.

Double-Up Game

You may be familiar with the Double-Up game in which you can double your payout. To play the game, there are no cards or coins involved, but an old-fashioned Claw Crane that you use to pick up toys. Yes, they are still around. If you pick up a toy your payout is doubled. You can keep going up to a maximum payout of $25,000. However, if you miss a toy, all wins are lost and the game ends.

Play the New Arcade Fortunes Slot

Available for both PC and mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, we invite you to play Arcade Fortunes Slots at our recommended casinos.