3 Devils Pinball Slots

My first experience with Pinball was in a bowling alley, and I've come to think of pinball machines as niche hipster games that used to be more relevant before cell phones. Still, there is a rich history behind pinball as a game! Microgaming, along with their partner Crazy Tooth Studio recognized something special within the classic pinball machine and decided to combine it with another classic machine - a slot, to create a new, online tribute to two historically significant games. The visuals of this board are intriguing, to say the least. There are animated transitions that occur when the game shifts from the base game to the bonus round. It does its best to emulate an actual pinball machine. The background music is jazzy as well.

Mobile Compataible and RTP

You can play 3 Devils Pinball on any device, from the most sinister to the least sinister! Whether you're using Android or IOS, the game features will remain the same and offer both fun and a little bit of fright. This game has a generous RTP of 96.7%, which is favorable overall. The grid itself is played against a virtual pinball machine, and if you pay close attention, you'll notice the flames of hell burning from beneath the pinball machine!

How to Play

When three or more matching symbols occur, you'll receive a win. The combinations can occur on any reel. The pink, orange, blue, and green flames are worth 0.75x your bet. The pitchfork plus green and blue devils are the middle-value symbols and payout 1x for a 6-symbol match. Of course, the grinning devil is the highest regular symbol and pays out 2.5x the bet for a match of six. The wild symbols substitute for any other regular symbols to complete a win. There are multiple versions of the wild. There is a standard wild and then wilds with x2 multipliers. These appear frequently on reels 2, 3, and 4. If more than a single multiplier is used in a win, each one multiplies the value by x2.


I'm new to games by Crazy Tooth, but it was evident from this slot, and also even their brand name itself, that they see themselves as edgy game developers - and I can't help but agree. This is unique! From a design perspective, this game is entirely unusual. While this game might scare away more religious folks, people who embrace their inner daredevil and aren't superstitious will rejoice in this quirky game's devil theme. I feel this game is perfect for Halloween, or maybe just goths who will like this sort of machine all year round. There is a classic, creepy old cartoon quality. The style is reminiscent of cartoon characters from the 1930s, who I personally always found to be sort of creepy, so they'd fit in here. The maximum payout for this machine is 2,597x your bet. While this game might be more on the niche side, I can see the appeal. As someone with an affinity for retro themes, horror movies, and supernatural legends, I would play this game again.