Fast Lane Freddie Slots

NASCAR fans unite! Today we are reviewing for you a slot game we know you will enjoy. Fast Lane Freddie Slots is the name, and winning the race is the game. This is one of the more unusual slot games in that you can use keyboard commands to achieve your goals. Fast Lane Freddie Slots has a myriad of bonus features you won't want to miss, so get yourself to the starting position and wait for the flag to begin the race.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline bonus video slot, Fast Lane Freddie Slots has coin bets ranging from 30 cents to $240 per spin. Needless to say, you may want to bet the max considering the multitude of bonus features in this game. However, if you are on a budget, start low and continue to increase your bet as you go along. The pay table is perhaps the most important feature in this game as it contains the bonuses and payouts available, and the keyboard commands which will come in handy. The music is appropriate for this game, however, you may want to tone it down after a while and concentrate on the game. The rules of this game are the usual with one exception: wins are paid from left to right and from right to left. There are also three modes in which the game will be played: Main mode, Extended Wild Feat, and Pits Feat Mode. It should also be noted that Fast Lane Freddie Slots is available to mobile users as well.

The Drivers

There are four drivers in this game, thus four symbols. The rest are cards. Two men and two women will compete to win. Who are the drivers? To begin with, there's Freddie. He is the star of this game. When he appears on the 3rd reel, the Extended Wild Feature will commence. He will cover the entire reel and he will substitute for all symbols except the scatter and the bonus symbols. David wears blue suit, #13 is Jane, the Redhead, and Skylar wears the yellow suit. There are a few more symbols to watch for: the end of the race black and white line across the track; the Pits symbol; and the Bonus Race symbol.

The Pits Feature

The Pits Feature is activated when the Pits Symbol is at the top position of any reel. It will cover the two symbols below it, making them Wild x2. Therefore, any winning combination featured the Extended Pits symbols will payout two times your bet.

The Bonus Race Feature

When you get three or more Bonus Race symbols appearing on the reels, the bonus race will be triggered. Here you will be driving in Freddie's red car. In order to win the race, you must be able to pass the other cars as they appear by using the right and left arrows on your keyboard. Each car you pass will give you bonus points.

The Drag Race Bonus

Here's where the fun really begins! The Drag Race Bonus is activated when Driver #1 (the B symbol driver), a scatter symbol, and Driver #2 (the C symbol driver) or any combination thereof appear consecutively on pay lines 1, 2, and 3 or 2, 3, and 4. You will be asked to select the driver. You and the other driver will compete in this drag race. If the driver you choose wins, bonus points are awarded.

Play Fast Lane Freddie Slots

This is one of the more interactive games we've seen, and requires you to be on your game. You can test out the game with the keyboard controls before you begin real play. This will give you one leg up during the bonus race. Again, this is a lucrative and fun game to play, and one that will probably keep you playing for hours on end. The checkered flag awaits! Play Fast Lane Freddie Slots at our recommended casino.