Total Overdrive Slots

A classic slot, Total Overdrive has multipliers to increase your wins. The introduction to this new slot game tells us that each winning spin increases the multiplier which has a chance to persist for multiple spins - up to 10xs.

About the Game

Total Overdrive is central to the entire scene. The background is filled with high-story buildings, which could be in any USA City. The pink grid could also be the pavement; however I think there is more to it. To the right of the slot is an open triangle with streams of air rushing from left to right. Hmmm…

Who is the Provider for this Game?

Betsoft Gaming, who never seems to disappoint!

What is the Theme of this Game?

The theme is a Classic Slot Machine with traditional symbols.

What is the RTP for this Game?

The Return to Player is 96.92%.

How Many Reels and Paylines Does this Slot Have?

As a classic slot, it is a 3-reel, 5-payline bonus video slot.

What is the Betting Range of this Game?

At the bottom of the slot, you can scroll from left to right to view the coin denominations. They start at 5 cents and go as high as $10 max bet. When you win, under that open triangle to the right you will see the multiplier given as well as that stream become quite static. On my very first spin, I won $16 with a 2xs multiplier.

What is the Maximum Amount I Can Win Playing this Game?

The max you can win is 1450xs your bet.

Where Can I Find the Pay Table?

At the bottom of the slot, click on the small I and you will be able to access the pay table. Here you will find the symbols, payouts, and special features. Please note that depending upon the amount you choose to bet will have an effect on the payouts of all symbols. So if you can bet the max, please do so.

What Are the Special Features?

The symbols not only have one payout, but attached to that payout is a multiplier. For example, if you get 3 encircled Red 7s, you will win 500 with a 3xs multiplier. I did win $1008 when I hit with 2 Red 7s and a Wild symbol, and was able to get up to 4xs my bet.

The Overdrive Multiplier

The Overdrive Multiplier is that Open Triangle I mentioned earlier. Every winning spin will increase this multiplier. The Multiplier will continue to increase with each consecutive win up to 10xs.

Sticky Multiplier

Every winning spin has a chance to award a Sticky Multiplier. The Multiplier will be sticky for 8 spins indicated by a Hold Meter even if there are spins with no wins, giving you more chances for the Multiplier to increase. The sticky Multiplier can re-trigger while the Hold is active, refilling the Hold Meter to full, pushing the wins into total overdrive up to 10xs.

Overdrive Wilds

If you get three Wild symbols on the reels, you will win 50xs your bet.

Is Total Overdrive Available for Demo Play?

Absolutely, it is available for both Demo Play and Real Play at our Betsoft Casinos.

Is this Game also Available for Mobile Users?

Total Overdrive is compatible with Android and iOS platforms.


After having played this game, I was a bit concerned that the payouts were lower than my initial wager. However, after about 5 minutes - all hell broke loose and I was winning like crazy as you can tell from my $1008 win above. I totally recommend players who enjoy classic slots, especially with a twist, to play Total Overdrive at our recommended online casinos.