Tower of Fortuna Slots

The introduction to Tower of Fortuna Slots is stunning! The question it asks is: What Does Fortune Have in Store for You? Players will soon find out when they play this game at our participating online US casinos. The intro also tells us that The Crimson Flag is Wild and three Blazing Suns will garner players ten free spins. But it is the design of the introduction, and the slot itself will grab players' attention immediately.

Who is the Slot Game Developer?

The provider is Betsoft.

Is Tower of Fortuna Slots available in Demo Mode?

You can play this game in demo mode at our participating online casinos.

What is the Theme of Tower of Fortuna Slots?

Tower of Fortuna is a theme-based slot about the Goddess of Luck who resides at the Tower of Fortuna.

Can I Play Tower of Fortuna Slots for Free?

You can play this slot game for free at our recommended casinos.

Can I Play Tower of Fortuna Slots for Real Money?

Join any one of our recommended casinos to play this game for real money.

What is the Design of this Game?

The design is magnificent. In the background are mountains, trees, and the steps to the Tower of Fortuna. To the right of the slot is an angel with a horn. A flag is attached to the Horn and has Roman numerals on it, which turn out to be multipliers. Keep an eye on this angel because she and the flag change constantly.

What Type of Slot Game is Tower of Fortuna Slots?

Tower of Fortuna is a 3-reel bonus video slot.

How Many Paylines are There?

Tower of Fortuna Slots has five pay lines.

What are the Betting Options?

The betting starts with 60 cents up to $9.60, which is the max bet per spin.

Where is the Paytable?

Click on the small I at the bottom left-hand corner of the slot to access the paytable, rules, options, settings, and AutoPlay.

What is the RTP is for this Game?

The Return To Player is 96.09%.

Have Players Scored this Game?

Players have given Tower of Fortuna Slots a popularity score of 5.

Have there been Winners Playing this Game?

There have been many winners playing Tower of Fortuna Slots.

Is there a Bonus Round and Free Spins in this Game?

  • At the lower left-hand corner of the slot is a grocery cart. The cart is for the Buy Feature. For example, players can buy ten free spins for $480. When you click on the cart icon, the Buy Button and the amount you wish to spend for the free spins appear. Now here's where the game gets interesting. After buying the ten spins, the clouds appear, and it's raining. The flag that the angel is holding to the right shows a 10xs multiplier. After the free spins end, this reviewer won $918.40, almost double the amount paid for the spins.
  • Climbing the Tower
  • Players will climb the Tower of Fortuna on every spin without wins by one level, and the multiplier increases by one. The maximum Tower multiplier is 100xs.
  • Fortuna's Free Spins
  • When players get three Sun symbols on the reels, they will win ten free spins. The starting Tower Multiplier is 2xs. Every climb of the Tower will increase the multiplier applied to any wins during the Free Spins round. Players can retrigger the round.
  • The Wilds
  • The Crimson Flag will appear on reel two only.

Is Tower of Fortuna Slot available to Mobile Users?

Tower of Fortuna Slots is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Betsoft has pulled out the stops on this game. Although the payouts may seem relatively low, the Buy Feature sells this slot game. Plus, the animations are fabulous, as is the angel who gifts players with numerous multipliers. I highly recommend playing the new Tower of Fortuna at our online casinos for US players. Bona Fortuna!