Dragon Kings Slots

Just from seeing the introduction to Dragon King Slots, you are in for the time of your life. This ancient Chinese theme-based slot is incredibly designed with rich dragon symbols of several colors. The special features are incredible and lucrative, and we invite you to play this game as soon as you can.

About the Game

Dragon Kings has an approximate jackpot worth over 280,000 coins. The slot itself has a red background which highlights the dragons and other symbols perfectly. Although there are card symbols in this game... yuk…..take a look at the top of the slot where you will find not one but four progressive jackpots! To the right of the slot are three icons that are added as the 6th reel: a temple on a mountain; a Magical Dragon Pearl; and ocean waves reaching untold heights. There is an Auto Play button as well as a Double Up button you can utilize at any time. This is a game in which you we strongly recommend that you read the pay table before you begin to play. It will show all the symbols, payouts, special features, and rules of the game.

Playing the Game

The Dragon King is a 2X Wild symbol and will pay out double when appearing in a winning combination. When it appears, it will expand to fill the reel. Once expanded, the Dragon King will trigger the Jackpot one time only. The Dragon King will appear on reel 3. The Magical Dragon Pearl will appear on reel 4. This symbol can double the amount of free spins awarded. This symbol will also trigger the Jackpot in conjunction with the Dragon King and one more Dragon symbol. All of the other symbols in this game pay out multiplying wins per your trigger bet.

Dragons of the 4 Seas

These four dragons are incredibly designed. They include: The Azure Dragon who will award one free spin while all other dragons remain in place. The White Dragon will add another White Dragon to the reels in either the left or right position. The Black Dragon will multiply all winning combinations by 3xs. The Red Dragon will award a random cash prize of up to 400xs your bet. Get all give dragons to win 2000 coins.


The more you play the more chances you will have on winning any of these four jackpots. They are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond, which is the highest paying jackpot of all. Each of these jackpots requires a specific symbol(s) to appear on the reels. Please refer to the second page of the pay table to find out what these symbols are.

Dragon Pearl and Free Spins

When you get three or more Dragon Pearl symbols on the reels 1-5, you will be awarded the following free spins: 5 Dragon Pearls = 15 free spins; 4 Dragon Pearls = 10 free spins; and 3 Dragon Pearls = 6 free spins. The Magical Dragon Pearl on Reel 6 (located to the right of the slot) will yield double the free spins payout. The free spins round can also be re-triggered.

The Third Icon on Reel 6

In my About the Game paragraph, I mentioned this particular icon on reel 6. Underneath this Icon, you will see a sign that says “Buy Feature - $22.50.” To see what happens, I bought it and won 30 free spins. I totally recommend you buy this reel, and perhaps you too will garner 30 free spins. Please note that the more you wager, the higher the price of the Buy Feature. For example, if you bet the max of $10, the icon would cost you $450 to buy. Note that I was only betting one cent per spin, but all paylines.

Dragon Kings Slots cannot be described in words, except one – Fan-fabulas-tic!