Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots

Those who are looking for a game that's different from anything they've tried before need to check out Max Quest Mission Amazon. This game features no reels or paylines, but it has plenty of chances to win.

The Max Quest Mission Amazon theme is a must-have for anyone who enjoys playing online slots. It's a game that's designed by Betsoft and features a variety of great bonus features. If you're tired of the traditional slots, then this game should not be ignored.

Design & Theme

Betsoft is a well-known developer of high-quality online slots. Their games are often found at the top online casinos. They also create innovative and high-end games that are sure to be enjoyed by players.

In Max Quest Mission Amazon, you'll encounter various types of enemies that are designed to provide you with the necessary symbols to win. Some of these include ants, wasps, serpents, and toads. Scorpions are also a high-paying symbol, and there are three legendary bosses to fight - the Stone Guardian, the Spider Queen, and the Primal King.

Wagering & Winning

Unlike other games, in which you can adjust your bet whenever you want, the Max Quest Mission Amazon slots require you to make one bet before you start playing. There are four different ways to gamble, and these options can range from zero to one credit.

To win a prize, you need to choose a creature that can be destroyed by firing at it. The more shots that it takes to get rid of the enemy, the less that you'll win as a bonus. Max Quest Mission Amazon has a medium volatility and an RTP of 97.5%.

Bonus Features

Although the Max Quest Mission Amazon slot is not a straight shooter, it still has plenty of bonus features that are designed to provide players with great rewards.

The goal of the Max Quest Mission Amazon slot is to get as many enemies as possible by firing at them using a pistol. However, you can also upgrade your weapons by purchasing temporary upgrades. These include the laser and the flamethrower. These weapons will only last for a few rounds before they're reverted back to their original form.

You can also win additional prizes by hitting certain targets while you're shooting at them. These can lead to bonus wins that are higher than the regular win.

There are also various small quests that can be completed in order to win additional prizes. These are triggered by dropping coins from the enemies. Each of these will give you an instant prize.

A small bonus round with a legendary boss can also provide you with a great prize. If you can successfully kill the boss during the round, you can win a prize from one of the gemstones. The better the weapon used to get rid of the boss, the higher the prize that will be won.

Similar Slots

There are plenty of games that are packed with action and adventure. Although the Max Quest Mission Amazon slot is not as unique as some of the other games, our experts believe that slot games are still very fun.

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Final Thoughts

If you're a fan of unique games, then the Max Quest Mission Amazon slot is a must-play. It's a 5-reel, 20-payline game that features a unique shooter. If you're looking for something a bit different, then the Max Quest Mission Amazon slot might be for you.

Where can you play Max Quest Mission Amazon?

The Max Quest Mission Amazon slot is available for free play at various online casinos. In order to test the game's various features, come play it for a few minutes.

Is this a secure slot machine to play?

All of the Max Quest Mission Amazon slot machines have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they are safe to play. To find the best online casinos that accept real money, visit our list of top sites.

Who created this slot game?

Betsoft is an innovative gaming company that created the Max Quest Mission Amazon slot. They also produce other great games such as the War of Gods slot.

What kind of deposits are available?

The casino will determine which payment methods it will allow you to use when playing the Max Quest Mission Amazon slot. Some of these include bank cards, e-wallets, and credit and debit cards.