Is Bovada Legal In Texas?

They say everything is bigger in Texas, this includes the food, the fashion, the sporting events, and musical events. I'm confident the same can be said when it comes to sports betting if it were legal there, but unfortunately, Texas is more restrictive than other states.

The U.S. Supreme Court allows for sports betting in all 50 states, however, each state needs to amend its laws for gambling. Texas doesn't have the greatest history of being friendly and open to gambling. This is unfortunate because Texas is so passionate when it comes to its sports, no double that passion would extend to sports betting! Texas sports betting has yet to be legalized, but that may change this year, thank god for 2023! There is a push for legalization going on currently, The state is hosting legislative sessions from January 10th to May 29th. It's been almost two years since the last time they tried to legalize sports betting in April of 2021.

Texas Sports Betting Current Status

Texas is slowly becoming a bipartisan state, and while there is a plethora of the reasons it's taken so long to legalize sportsbook betting in Texas relates to the conservative bias against gambling in general, however, change is coming.

Currently, Republicans hold both the Senate and the House of Representatives after the last election in November of 2022. The governor and lieutenant governor are also republicans, and both Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Gov. Greg Abbott were opposed to the legalization of sports betting in the past.

Unfortunately, the oldest citizens are usually the dominant voters, and some of them are anti-gambling. This can lead to these old-fashioned and conservative laws, and is a main driving factor as to why legalizing gambling in Texas has taken so long! So until the laws change, Bovada cannot allow players from Texas to legally gamble. However, the sport's teams themselves, including the legendary Dalla Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, and Texas Rangers are looking to partner with online sportsbooks, and are lending their voices when it comes to supporting the legalization of online sportsbooks in Texas. There have been quite a few Texas teams who have already made deals with a plethora of online sportsbooks, like the Austin FC of Major League Soccer and The Houston Dynamo. The two states that border Texas already allow for legal sports betting, too! New Mexico and Louisiana are sports gambling-friendly states.

When Can I Bet Online on Sports In Texas

Is Bovada Legal In Texas? Unfortunately, no change regarding these laws has been announced yet, and it's not clear which direction the law is leaning towards. Legal online sports betting would be a small segment of general sports betting legislative expansion in the state, but players can look forward to the results of these hearings around spring 2023 at the earliest, during the Texas Legislative Sessions. This means for Bovada sportsbook users in Texas, eagerly waiting to see if they can start betting on the Dallas Texas Cowboys, it'll be a little bit of a wait. However, we're closer than ever to legalizing sports betting in Texas, and that's something to celebrate!

There is a potentially negative outcome, though. If the legalization of sports betting isn't approved during this year's sessions, it'll be two years until another hearing. So there would be no hope for legalizing online sports betting in Texas until 2025. However, on the plus side, representatives for most major and noteworthy sports teams have spoken out positively about the legalization of sportsbook betting in Texas. We can only hope soon the laws will catch up with the rest of America, and Bovada can offer legal, safe, and trustworthy gambling for all Texas players.