Bovada Vouchers

Have you ever wished you could send a friend or family member a Bovada gift card? After all, many of us regular bettors and amateur gamblers got into this industry in the first place through friends, family, or a social outing. Online betting is a rush of adventure. Now, with Bovada Vouchers, you can share a little bit of that adventure with anyone you want. Now, at Bovada you can send money to other players through Bovada Vouchers!

Players withdraw their funds and send them to other players using a simple and straightforward code! Plus, if you send your best friend a little money through a voucher and they happen to win big through a jackpot, they might pay you back by buying you a new car. So it's almost like a friendship investment!

If you want to buy or sell a voucher, navigate over to the marketplace section of the website, located in the Bovada Community. This is a simple and secure way to send little gifts over to a fellow Bovada player. You can convert a selected amount into a voucher from your cashout screen, and after that send the voucher code to your friend either through text or online. Your friend can instantly access funds using the voucher code! It's really that simple!

How To Send a Bovada Voucher

Now, I'm going to go over how to send the voucher to your friend using their simple, step-by-step process. First off, you'll need to head on over to the withdrawal page while logged into your Bovada account and select 'Voucher' as your withdrawal method.

After that, enter the amount you'd like to withdraw as a voucher. The screen will display your email, your minimum and maximum withdrawal amount, and your timeframe per installment. It'll list some information above the withdrawal box about your unique voucher code, and you need to enter the amount you'd like to withdraw as a voucher.

This voucher can be worth anything from $10 to $3,000 if you're feeling generous. After determining how much you'd like to send using your voucher, press the request withdrawal button at the bottom of the screen. Afterward, you'll need to confirm the withdrawal by entering your 4 digit security pin. If for some reason you forgot your pin, you can recover it using the 'Forgot Your Pin?' link located towards the bottom of the screen.

Afterward, you'll receive a confirmation via email that your withdrawal is being processed, and it'll take somewhere from 24-48 hours for all of your voucher code details to be sent. Once your withdrawal has finished processing, you'll receive an email. The voucher will display the amount it's worth along with a special code. It'll also list additional details like when the voucher code was created, and when it'll expire.

How to Deposit Your Voucher

When you or your friend is ready to redeem the voucher, you'll be happy to know it's easier than you might think. The first step is to go to the deposits page in your Bovada account and select the voucher as your deposit method. It should be listed under the usual methods, which include bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Zelle, and card. Afterward, enter the unique voucher code you received via email or text, and press continue.

Finally, the funds will be deposited into your account and you'll receive a confirmation. Now you can start playing using your voucher! The player who receives the voucher can use those funds to enjoy the sportsbook, the casino, and the live casino section! Thanks to your friend, you can spin on slots all day long, play a few table games or make a bet on your favorite football players.