Bovada Soccer

Soccer is a historical sport. It's old, yet beloved, and remains an important sport throughout the entire world. In certain segments of the world, Soccer is one of the most popular sports! Players in the west in particular might find that surprising, as other sports like baseball and basketball reign supreme in the US, but even in the US soccer is still relevant. Europeans call it 'football' but whether you refer to the sport as soccer or football, there are two parts of the game. There is a club level and a national level. When you play at the club level, the player represents the club they're signed for. If you play at the national level, you represent their entire country, like Brazil.

The bet options for soccer include Spread Betting, Totals, Moneyline Betting, Props, Parlays, Live Betting, and Soccer Spread Betting. The most common way to bet is through Spread Betting.

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is probably the least complicated kind of betting a player can make. With soccer, there are three possible outcomes of any game. Either one of the teams will win, or a draw will occur. Moneyline betting is easy because you're just betting on the results of the game. You can also bet on whether or not the game will finish as a draw, but these bets only count for a duration of 90 minutes while the game is going, and they do not apply for extra time or penalties. If you'd like to place some money line bets on soccer, go to Bovada's soccer section and check out the latest odds.

Soccer Totals Betting

If you're betting on totals in soccer, you're betting on either over or under a certain amount of goals per game. To put it in simpler terms, this is the total number of goals scored in a game for both teams combined. You have to remain observant and look out for 'over' or 'under' indicators. The 'over' section will be labeled with an 'o' and the understanding section is always at the bottom and labeled with a 'u'.

Futures Betting

As you might be able to guess, Soccer Futures Betting is about betting on the bigger picture. For example, at Bovada, you can bet on who will win the English Premier League. The odds will change throughout the season, depending on how the teams are performing, naturally. You can bet on who the top goal scorer will be, and these bets won't be paid out until either the end of the season or the end of the competition. Most future bets are placed at the beginning of a new season, but can also be placed anytime.

Prop Betting

Soccer prop betting is tons of fun. You don't bet on the results of the game, or even the number of goals, but you can bet on individual moments within the game, along with players within the game. Props betting is really versatile and exciting and is steadily increasing in popularity.

Parlay Betting

Parlay betting allows players to combine multiple bets to increase their overall payout, as long as they're willing to up the stakes. You have to get every single bet right to win, and the more bets added to the parlay, the bigger your payout will be. When making parlay bets in soccer, you can combine up to 12 selections. You can combine money line bets and spread bets, for example.