Bovada Golf Odds

Bovada is one of the worlds top sportsbook platforms online. If you're a fan of golf, you'll be delighted to know Bovada lists all golfing odds in the Future Markets section of their sportsbook. There are three different ways to bet on golf, and I'm going to explain each way in detail. Whether you're a casual golfer who spends his weekends at the country club, or just a fan, you'll love Bovada's sportsbook!

What are Future Bets and How Do They Work?

If you've never made any game bets using a sportsbook before, many of the terms I go over in this article will be foreign to you, but it's easy enough to grasp if you study the basic terminology associated with sportsbooks and betting. Golf Future Bets are the most common way to bet on golf games. In sports betting, Future Bets are events that have not yet occurred. To put it simply, these are 'future' games, as opposed to single-game betting. When you place Future Bets, every golfer who will participate in an upcoming tournament has their odds listed next to their name. Most odds are laid out in either American odds format, fractional odds, or decimal odds

If you intend to make a Futures Bet, it's pretty easy. You'll need to place your wager, and if your chosen golfer manages to win, so do you! Pretty straightforward, and this kind of betting is especially perfect for folks who are new to the world of sports betting. To calculate your potential payout, you'll need to learn how to decode the golf-based sportsbook. If a golfer has a positive symbol listed next to their odds, those odds can be read as a percentage. You will need to multiply your bet by those odds. So if a golfer has +1000 odds, your payout will be $1000 for every $100 you wager. If a golfer has a negative sign next to their name, they're heavily favored to win, so making a bet on them will win you less money than if you bet on an underdog.

Head to Head Betting

Players can narrow their wagers down to betting on two golfers instead of betting on one golfer to beat the entire field in a tournament. You will need to pick which one of your two golfers you favor more for winning the round, though. It also depends on the tournament, because in some tournaments you can bet on the two golfers finishing in a tie.

With head to head betting, you can also bet while the game is live. Head to head betting is great because bettors can indulge in old fashioned one on one rivalry. Bettors can enjoy the competitive nature of the game without having to pay close attention to the entire field.

Three Ball Betting

Three ball betting is very similar to head to head betting. This time, you choose one of three golfers and predict who will play the best round. Since golfers usually tee off in threesomes at stroke events, three ball betting lets the bettor follow the progress of the three players the entirety of the round. The final round of the tournament can be the most exciting part of three ball betting. After all, these are three top golfers who are playing for a million dollars in prize money. So as you might expect, this round gets pretty tense. Plus - the bettor has money on the line, too - so this creates an overall electrifying atmosphere.

These three different ways to bet on golf are all equally exciting and valuable, so go ahead and check out the golf section of the Bovada Sportsbook website! They have tons of information regarding their games, and if you need additional help check out their thoroughly detailed help section and the FAQ section. Bovada constantly updates its golf odds!