Legal Experts See States Wagering on Online Gambling

It seems we are ending 2014 the way it began – still debating the question of legalized online gambling. As you know, Sunshine Slots has been keeping abreast of the latest news to come out of Washington, D.C, and today we have what could only be called a “reversal of fortune” for online players.

The Justice Department Finally Weighs In

In an unprecedented reversal of the Wire Act of 1961, the Justice Department announced on December 23rd that due to the ambiguity of the wording in the Wire Act, they will no longer deem online gambling illegal. Not to be confused with the UIGEA Law passed in 2006, the Wire Act was passed to “prohibit sports gambling between states vis a vis telephone or other wire containing devices. Since the internet was not yet in play, experts questioned whether or not the Wire Act covered internet gambling.”

What Does This Legal Reversal Mean for Online Players?

It means that online gambling will be allowed within the US borders, more specifically, online poker. In fact, Nevada just recently voted to adopt regulations for online poker allowing companies to operate poker sites within the state. Even in Washington, D.C., a vote was passed to allow online poker; however, this has not yet been implemented. In New York, the Governor just announced that he is for the legalization of land-based casinos; however, no mention of online gambling was made. Just a few months ago, Resorts World Casino opened at Aqueduct Casino in, of all places, Queens, New York.

The Writing Is on the Wall

From the Justice Department’s recent decision to new online poker operations and new land-based casinos – all have one thing in common – the economy. With the US still in a recession, just about every lawmaker who is for the legalization of online gambling knows that the revenue that can be obtained can make a huge difference in this global economy. Thus, the importance of the Justice Department’s reversal of the Wire Act is more than significant. It is the foundation by which online gambling will eventually become legal in all states, and whereby the UIGEA Law will be repealed. We look forward with great anticipation, and will continue to keep you updated as the news unfolds.