Las Vegas - The Premier Gaming Destination

Las Vegas attracts people from all the country, making people have a good time for gamblers and providing good jobs for others. Online gaming industry that came into our world lately messed up the picture, but is it necessary bad thing?

Online vs. Offline Gambling

The gambling landscape has been changing all the time, and the last decade wasn't an exception, but what happened in the last ten years made a huge difference and has significant impact on the gambling industry and on gamblers - gambling became online. Needless to say that leading online casino providers, like Liberty Slots Casino, Miami Club Casino and Club USA Casino managed to bring the online experience as close to the real one as only possible. "Old guard" casino players who tried casino games claim they have almost the same fun as in real world casino. But there are many old casino players, who still believe that virtual thing will never replace the real one and brick and mortar casino will stay. There are many places to gamble, and thanks to the growing popularity of legalized gaming, the number of gambling locations is only likely to grow. From the Indian casinos of the Northeast and Northwest, to the riverboats sailing down the Mississippi River, there is no shortage of places to try your luck at new slot machines, table games and even poker games.

Las Vegas - The Gambling Capital

No city, however, is as well known as the city of Las Vegas, and the city continues to grow and thrive, both as a tourist destination and as a great place to live. As a matter of fact, the city of Las Vegas is full of people who were just passing through but decided to settle down and make Las Vegas their home. The employment opportunities in Las Vegas are plentiful and often very lucrative, making the Las Vegas area one of the fastest growing in the country. While there are many industries in the Las Vegas area, from manufacturing to high tech, it is of course the gaming industry for which the city is justifiably famous. Without the legalization of gambling in the state of Nevada, it is unlikely that Las Vegas would have been built in the first place, and it is extremely unlikely that it would be the thriving metropolis it is today. The Las Vegas strip, of course is lined with casinos of all shapes and sizes. From the Eiffel Tower replica at the Paris hotel and casino, to the authentic looking Venice canals at the Venetian, huge casino hotels line both sides of the streets for as far as the eye can see. There is plenty of casino action off the strip as well, and the downtown part of Las Vegas has undergone quite a renaissance in recent years. The downtown section is home to some of the oldest, and most famous, of all casino properties, including the famous Golden Nugget featured in a number of famous television shows and movies. In fact, there is never a shortage of excitement in Las Vegas, both in the casinos and out. In the casinos, there are fortunes to be won,and lost, at the Slot Machines, at the blackjack table and in the high roller poker rooms. Outside the casino, Las Vegas is home to some of the most famous actors, singers and performers from around the world. It is no wonder that Las Vegas is such a popular vacation destination for visitors the world over.

Recent Legislation in Nevada

Nevada signed into law the legalization of intrastate online gambling. Not satisfied to wait for the federal government to act on this long-awaited implementation, Nevada recognized that legalizing online poker would be a boon to its economy. The bill was signed into law by the Governor of the state, and allows online players from Nevada the opportunity to play online poker. Along with New Jersey, Nevada has taken the bull by the horns and passed a very important piece of legislation, one that may cause a domino effect across the nation.