Mystic Hive Slots

In the introduction to Mystic Hive Slots, unique features about the game are shown to players. They include Fireflies Dazzle with Special Effects, Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds During Free Spins, and Fill the Nectar Meter to Full to Obtain Free Spins.

About the Game

The newest hexagonal grid video slot offers many great features. Among them are the beautiful fireflies that move around the slot in a clockwise position. These fireflies increase the chances for players to make winning combinations. Filling the Nectar Meter is the icing on the cake as players look forward to receiving the free spins.

Who is the Slot Game Developer?

Betsoft, the best online provider US players have to date.

Can I Mystic Hive Slots for Fun?

Yes. All Betsoft Slot games are available via Instant Play for free at Betsoft online casinos.

Can I Play Mystic Hive Slots for Real Money?

Yes. Join any online casino featuring Betsoft, and you can play this game and others for real money.

Type of Slot Game is Mystic Hive Slots?

As mentioned earlier, Mystic Hive Slots has a hexagonal configuration, like that of a beehive. It has 30 pay lines. The colors of the symbols are quite beautiful, and even though there are card symbols, they are also unique in that they are dripping honey. To the slot's right is the Nectar Bottle, which players must fill to earn free spins.

What are the Betting Options?

At the bottom of the slot is the betting options. From left to right, you can scroll across to view the coin denominations. They start with ten cents and go as high as $90.00 max per spin. The highest paying symbol is the Green Firefly. Get all five to win $900.

Where is the Paytable?

At the lower left of the slot is the small I symbol. Click on it to view the paytable. At the top are the topics for this game, including Options, AutoPlay, Paytable, and Rules. The scroll-down paytable will give players all of the symbols, payouts, special features, and game rules.

Is this Game Available for Mobile Users?

Yes, it certainly is. All Betsoft games are available for Mobile devices compatible with iOS and Android.

Do You Know What the RTP is?

Mystic Hive Slots has a Return to Player of 96.13%.

What Are the Special Features?

The Fireflies of the Mystic Hive is the first feature. With each spin, a Firefly can appear around the Mystic Hive. There are three types of Mystic Fireflies.

  • The Green Firefly summons a storm of other fireflies to surround the Mystic Hive, improving chances of collecting that Nectar.
  • The Yellow Firefly awards a stacking multiplier that increases with the number of other Yellow Fireflies surrounding the Mystic Hive. It has a value of +1.
  • The Red Firefly will fill the Nectar Meter, triggering free spins when full.
  • Mystic Fireflies of any type can spawn randomly with every spin. They will fly away after a random number of spins.

Violet NectarFree Spins

When a Red Firefly spawns, each one around the Mystic Hive will fill the Nectar Meter by one level. When the Nectar Meter is full, players will win five free spins.

Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds Feature

While playing the Free Spins round, 1, 2, or 3 Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds will appear on the grid. They will spread from their point of origin to adjacent honeycomb cells until the free spins end.


Mystic Hive Slots is a great game to play. I particularly enjoyed the hexagonal honeycomb grid and the special features within. I invite all our US players to join me and play Mystic Hive Slots from Betsoft.