Hellraiser Slots

Hellraiser is a hefty title for a slot game, and one that makes us think of a famous movie. However, it turns out this game offers something different, albeit with a slight horror theme. Are you brave enough to learn more about it?

How much do we know about the Hellraiser slot game?

We know it is a strange combo between old and new, between horror and traditional slot game symbols. Has that piqued your curiosity, we wonder?

The developer is…

Have you heard of Betsoft? Of course, you have. They created this one a few years back.

Demo features

The Hellraiser slot delivers a great experience for all players to enjoy. Trying the demo makes good sense as this is very different to many other games. Different in a good way? You decide.

The slot has a traditional theme… sort of

The first thing you’ll see is plenty of fruit. But there are evil beings on those reels too. The mention of hell in the title doesn’t lead us too far astray in this instance.

A traditional design

Hellraiser has been designed to look like a regular slot machine, the kind you’d find sitting on a real casino floor. It’s colorful though and has some interesting elements to check out during play.

Basic features to look out for in Hellraiser slots

The game has four reels, which immediately sets it apart from most others in the Betsoft slots collection. The maximum prize here works out to $800, and there is no progressive jackpot to look out for. It is therefore one of the lower-paying slots you might find.

The devil appears in this game, complete with horns. While you might assume he is a wild symbol, that isn’t the case.

How many paylines are there?

Just five.

Bets are bigger than you might think

You can only play one coin on each line. Those coins must be worth at least a dollar apiece. The biggest bet you could go for would be $40.

The paytable appears underneath the reels

That makes it easy to refer to whenever required. Check out the devils on either side of the reels as well, as these provide further information about the game.

Is there a bonus here?

No, nothing of that sort is provided.

Is there a chance to secure any free spins?

No, this isn’t part of the deal either.

A somewhat low RTP is in place

This is probably the biggest surprise of all – a return to player value of just 93.9%.

Does Hellraiser get a high rating from us?

We can only give this one 6 out of 10. There isn’t much to it, honestly… with no wild, no scatter, no free games, and no bonus. It does give you a little more than your average three-reel fruit machine would – and not just because of the extra reel. But it probably doesn’t have enough to tempt most players to check it out more closely.

No big winners from this slot

With $800 as the biggest available prize for a relatively large wager, we don’t think players are going to be too tempted by this.

Will you try the entertainment-only version?

This means no real bets from you. We think this is the best way to play, and likely the only way for those with small budgets.

Play for real at Betsoft casinos

If you want to try a dollar a time on each line and your budget can take it, you’ll likely find the game at casinos offering the Betsoft slots collection.

Mobile gaming Hellraiser style

If you want to try this on a smaller handheld device, pick up your tablet or smartphone and give it a try.