Return to Paris Slots

We are thrilled to present Return to Paris Slots in a most exquisite introduction. We learn that the game has The Steals the Museum Treasures Feature, The Return Them for Huge Bonuses Feature, and the Wild Explosion Feature. Moreover, this new slot game is only a dollar max per spin!! All players are welcome to play this incredibly animated slot game!

The Developer of Return to Paris Slots

The provider for this game is Betsoft, noted for their 3D slots.

Playing in Demo Mode

Players can enjoy Return to Paris Slots in Demo Mode at our participating online casinos.

The Theme

Return to Paris Slots is a Parisian/Crime theme-based slot.

The Game Design

The intro to this game speaks volumes about the slot itself. Here, we are somewhere on the streets of Paris at night, with the full moon casting its light on the Eiffel Tower. As I remember, in Paris, the streets made of cobblestone are challenging to walk on with heels. When players view the slot, they will come upon an officer at the left with his bulldog wearing a cop's hat as well. We can see lights within homes, old-fashioned street lamps, and a bench overlooking the River Seine. The card symbols in this game are unique as they are stone symbols placed on carved stone along with stone-carved women's busts. The multipliers are at the bottom of the slot: The Wild, a Diamond, a Crown, the Woman Bust, an Ancient Urn, and cards Ace through Jack.

Slot Game Type

Return to Paris Slots is a 5x4-reel bonus video slot.


There are 20 pay lines in this game.

Betting Options

The betting starts with 20 cents up to $1, with a max bet of $1 per spin. Players can win up to 1,056xs their stake in this game.

Paytable Location

Click on the small I at the bottom of the slot to access the symbols, payouts, and features.

Bonus Features

The Stolen Treasures Feature When the thief appears, he will steal a nearby symbol and add it to his collection. Each stolen piece of treasure increases the onscreen counter by 1xs. A new random regular symbol will replace him. When the cop appears on the slot, he will return a nearby stolen treasure to the Museum. A piece of stolen treasure will payout like a three-of-a-kind combo for that symbol, multiplied by its current multiplier. The Stolen Treasure multiplier then resets to 1xs. A new random regular symbol replaces the cop. There is a maximum of one thief and one cop allowed o the slot simultaneously. Wild Explosion Note: The Wild symbol is a golden bordered frame that one would find in the Louvre. If the cop and thief symbols land next to each other or meet adjacently, horizontally, or vertically on the reels, it will trigger the Wild Explosion event.

Mona Lisa Free Spins Round

The Free Spin round will commence if players get three Mona Lisa Scatters on reels 2, 3, and 4. The free spins mode is open-ended and starts with the thief and the cop in opposite slot corners. After each spin, they will move in random horizontal or vertical directions. The thief will continue to steal treasures from the reels during the round as the cop chases him. The free spins will continue until the cop and the thief meets on adjacent positions. Since the free spins mode is open-ended, players can win up to 1000 Free Spins!!!! The cop will return all stolen treasures at the end of this round.

The Return to Player

The RTP is between 96.06%.

Players Score Return to Paris Slots

Players have rated this game with a popularity score of 4.

Winning Players

There have been many players who have won on Return to Paris Slots.

Play Return to Paris Slots for Fun

The game is available for fun play via Demo Mode at our recommended casinos.

Play Return to Paris Slots for Real Money

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Mobile Play

Return to Paris Slots is available to mobile users using Android and iOS devices.


In one of the best-animated slots from Betsoft we have reviewed, Return to Paris offers players exciting gameplay. There is a caveat; the payouts are negligible. But at a buck a spin, how can players not take on this fantastic game? Moreover, if players can get to the free spins round, they can win up to 1000 free spins—play Return to Paris Slots at our US-friendly online casinos.