Diamond Force Slots

Are diamonds a girl’s best friend like they say? Moreover, will they be your best friend if you can find them in this game? The title might mislead you a little, as the theme is not the same as you’d imagine. However, the Diamond Force slot game is ready to play if you’re keen – although we recommend you find out more about it first.

Who is the slot developer for this title?

This is a Microgaming title, developed in association with Crazy Tooth Studios.

Can you play a demo game?

Yes, and there are so many intriguing features in this one, we think that would be the best approach if you haven’t seen or played it before.

Can you figure out the theme?

If you were thinking about gems – fair enough given the diamonds in the title – you would be mistaken. Instead, this is a superhero game. We bet that surprised you.

Design features in Diamond Force

We get a cool backdrop in action here, showing us a city – we guess this is where the superheroes can be found. There are detailed heroes appearing on the reels too, and we’ll get to those shortly. The design is sharp enough, but we think it has been let down by the usual mix of letters. They might be colorful and sparkly, but they’re still uninspiring.

Getting down to basics: What are the main features of this game?

There are five reels here, with four icons appearing on each one instead of three. You won’t get any progressive jackpots to go for though.

The diamond of the title does make an appearance, finally, as the substitute or wild icon. You won’t see this popping up everywhere though – only on the first and fifth reels. It does, however, replace all the regular symbols.

The special bonus icon says BONUS and shows you four superheroes, one on top of the other, on the fifth reel.

How many paylines are there in Diamond Force slots?

None – you’re going to play a 1,024 ways game here instead.

Choose your bets…

The betting range requires just one amount to be played per spin, thanks to all those winning ways. The minimum amount is very affordable too, at just 10 cents a time. You can reach the maximum wager of $15 at the other end of the scale.

Check the paytable before you play

It will show you all the symbols that could appear, along with explaining more about the bonus features. We’re going to do that here for you, too.

Get ready to try and unlock the Team-Up Reels bonus feature

This is the highlight of the slot game. Find three or four superheroes acting together in a spin and you can expect to be introduced to another reel set. Three or four heroes would trigger three or four reels, respectively. Those reels are only going to include prize amounts and multiplier values, so you are always going to walk away from the game with a prize if you reach this round.

Can you score any free spins in Diamond Force?

Yes, you can – you need two or more full reels of heroes along with the bonus icon appearing on the fifth reel to unlock three free games. Doesn’t sound a lot, does it? These can be increased though, as the round introduces a new set of reels to play on. You’ll see the chance to collect more freebies on those reels, along with the potential to pick up cash prizes and maybe multipliers.

RTP information for Diamond Force

It seems the return to player percentage is 96.53%, which is reasonably good.

Our rating for the Diamond Force slot game

It’s a nice game, to be sure, with free spins, a wild icon, and lots of color to appreciate. The bonus is the highlight for us, although those free games can go further than you’d think, too. If you want a score, well… we’d give it 8 out of 10. It just feels as if there is a little something missing, but we can’t quite figure out what it is. Do you feel the same?

What is the most someone could get in prizes?

We’re told the maximum reward is worth 13,175x your wager, but most players picking up prizes are going to collect a lot less than that. Still, it’s a different twist on a superhero game, we guess.

Play the demo for Diamond Force to see what you think

We think this slot game is going to split players into two clear groups. Some will love it while others might try it once and swiftly move on. Only by playing the demo can you figure out which group you might fall into.

Playing the real version at just 10 cents per spin

This game does offer a low spin bet to cover all those winning ways, so it is better than many games in that respect. Even a smaller budget is likely to give you more gaming for your money.

Mobile accessibility

If you want to play Diamond Force on your mobile device, both Android and iOS platforms are good to use to access the game.