Dwarf's Gold Slots

Dwarf’s Gold Slots is a very simple game to play. It is ideal for new online slot players as it only has a 3-page pay table that just gives the symbols, payouts, and pay lines. While some of the symbols seem out of place, you will be wowed by the payouts! Depending upon how much you bet, the payouts are extraordinary. This slot game is akin to a very quiet albeit shy person. But inside, they have a great deal going on.

About the Game

Dwarf’s Gold Slots is a high rollers slot game. No doubt about that. There are no Wilds, Bonus Rounds or Free Spins. There are 8 symbols in this game. While I agree with other reviewers that the Scatter Butterfly seems out of place, the Gold Seven doesn’t. You’ll see in a minute.

Who is the Software Provider?

InBet is the provider.

Play in Demo Mode

This game is available in demo mode at our participating online casinos.

What is the Theme of this Slot?

Gold – have you noticed now many gold theme-based slots there are?

How Many Reels and Paylines are there?

Dwarf’s Gold is a 5x3 reel, 5 pay line video slot. It’s as simple as that. But, is it?

How Do I Place a Bet?

At the bottom of the slot, from left to right, here are the buttons you will be using: The Question Mark will take you to the pay table, followed by the Fun bet up to $5, your Balance, Real Bet from $5 to $500 per spin, Auto Play, and the Start button.

Where Can I View the Paytable?

At the bottom left of the slot, click on the Question Mark to access the pay table. It is just 3 pages with symbols, payouts, and pay lines.

Special Features in this Game

The only special feature in this game is the Scatter symbol. It is the Butterfly. There is no indication as to what the butterfly symbol will do other than pay out 25,000 coins if you get all five.

What Symbol Pays Out the Most?

Get ready for this! The highest paying symbol is the Gold 7. Get all 5 to win 500,000! The Crystal and Candle symbols will pay out 50,000 if you get all five; the Pot of Gold, the Dwarf, the Fire, and the Gold Nugget will all pay out 20,000 if you get all five.

Can I Play Gonzo’s Quest for Fun?

Yes. You can play this game for fun at our participating online casinos. The game will either show Demo Mode or Practice Play.

Can I Play this Game for Real Money?

Certainly! Any of our online casinos offering this game will give you the opportunity to join and play.

Is Dwarf’s Gold Slots a Mobile Game?

Yes. It is available to mobile players via Android and iOS mobile devices.


Upon first view of this game, I didn’t think it had much to it, which is why I thought new online players would enjoy its simplicity. However, when I viewed the symbol payouts, I was genuinely surprised at the huge amounts one can win. But, not everyone can afford to wager 500 per spin, which is what you would have to do in order to win the top prize of 500,000. Therefore, I do recommend you play Dwarf’s Gold Slots at our online casinos with one caveat – stay within your budget and you should come out a winner in any case.