Magic Journey Slots

In order for me to review a slot game with accuracy, I must be able to play the game. In this case, Magic Journey Slots was available for me to play and I was awe-struck!

About Magic Journey Slots

One of the most unusual, highly dynamic, lucrative, and exciting; Magic Journey is one of the most unique slots I have ever played. The chance to win 80,000 coins is just the tip of the iceberg. I can assure players they have never played a game like this before as the configuration of the slot is brilliantly designed. This is a must-play game.

Who is the Developer of this Slot Game?

Pragmatic Play developed this game. Congrats to them for this ingeniously creative and brilliantly designed game. Pragmatic Play never disappoints! They always produce the most innovative slot games among all providers.

Is Magic Journey Available for Demo Play?

Yes, and I highly recommend you play this in Demo Mode before you play for real money.

What is the Theme of this Game?

It has a Chinese theme.

How is the Game Designed?

This is where Pragmatic Play shines. The slot is horizontally displayed at the bottom. There are 5 boxes. At the top is the 3x3 slot image. It does not spin. When you spin the bottom row, the symbols that match any of the lines at the top will light up. If you manage to light up all 8 lines, you will win 80,000 coins. The line payout is to the right of the slot and pays out from one line to eight lines.

What Type of Slot Game is Magic Journey?

It is not your typical slot game. The characters shown at the top do not spin. The only line that spins is at the very bottom as I have explained above.

Are There Pay Lines in this Game?

No. The object of the game is to light up as many of the characters at the top to form vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and straight lines as possible.

What are my Betting Options?

If you click on the minus sign to the left of the Spin button, you will be able to place your bet. Note that the Bet Multiplier is 20xs. Under this you will find the Bet, Coin Value, and Total Bet. For example, the coin if you bet one coin, the value of that coin is 50 cents, and your max bet would be 20 coins. However, if you bet the max of 10 coins, the value would be 50 cents and the max bet would be 200 coins per spin.

Where Can I Find the Pay Table?

At the bottom of the slot, to the left, just click on the small I and the pay table will pop up. Here you will find all 9 symbols (no cards), game rules, and how this particular configuration works. There are 5 pages in the pay table, however, page one has all the information you need.

Is there a Bonus Round or Free Spins Round in this Game?

No, due to the high payouts given in the base game, there is no secondary bonus game or free spins round. There is, however, a Re-Spin each time the Golden Haired Monkey appears at the bottom. When he does, the re-spin begins immediately. When I played it, I kept getting re-spins which in turn led me to winning 3000 coins for having four lines lit.

What is Magic Journey’s Return to Player?

The RTP is 96.54%.

What is the Magic Journey’s Rating and Has There Been Any Winners?

Since this is a new game, neither the rating nor winners are yet available. However, I give this slot game the highest rating and I know there will be plenty of winners who play this game.

Can I Play Magic Journey for Fun and for Real Money?

Yes. You can play Magic Journey for fun in Demo Mode and you can play for real money by signing up with the casino that has this game available to play for real money.

Is Magic Journey Available for Mobile Users?

Yes. This game is Android and iOS friendly.


I cannot say enough about this game. It is exciting to play, beautifully designed characters, high payouts, exciting to play, and lucrative as well. Pragmatic Play always surprises us with their new online slots, and Magic Journey is no exception. I highly recommend you play Magic Journey Slots at our participating online casinos.