Fruits & Jokers: 40 Lines Slots

That’s what we would hope, right? Fruits & Jokers tells us exactly what we can expect to play with if we decide to give the game a try. Fruit will appear in many a slot, but there are some differences with this one. You will also see the jokers coming into their own here, and yes, you can probably guess how many lines you’ll play on too!

Reels and paylines

We knew there would be 40 lines in action in this slot game. That does suggest five reels to accommodate them all, doesn’t it? That’s what we see here, with four icons per reel to fit everything in.

Coins to consider betting with

While the lines are all fixed, you can still begin play with just 20 cents bet on each spin. That means half a cent is played on each line. The biggest bet is far higher than that, reaching a total of $100 a time.

Fruits & Jokers: 40 Line special symbols

You can’t miss the colorful joker appearing in this slot. Yellow, orange, and gold colors combine to provide an unmissable symbol. You’ll want to see lots of them too, as they are used as wilds. Only the scatter, appearing here as a gold star, can’t be substituted by the joker.

Does the game include bonus features?

In a word… no. Unfortunately, the Fruits & Jokers: 40 Line game gives players the chance to play a bigger slot based on two of the most familiar icons to appear in slot games. That means that apart from the wild wins, there is nothing else here that stands above a normal result from a slot game. Expect to try and match the fruits on those paylines, hopefully with some wilds in play, but that’s about it.

Download and play the entertaining Fruits & Jokers: 40 Line slot today

What do you want from a slot game? If you like a solid game with familiar symbols, nothing too demanding, and the presence of a wild and a scatter, the Fruits & Jokers: 40 Line slot game was designed specifically for you. If you enjoy bigger, bolder, and better games, then you may be better off looking elsewhere.

This appeals to a niche audience, and we think that audience will like what they see here. Will that include you?