Lucha Libre Wins Slots

Lucha Libre is a topic that has cropped up across a surprising number of slot games. Here, we have another on the same topic, in the guise of Lucha Libre Wins. If you are keen to find out more, you can see whether you’re attracted to this game by going through our review here. Are you ready to rumble with us today?

Who is the developer?

Have you heard of Bla Bla Bla Studios? If not, you’re introduced to one of their games in this review, as they’re behind this quirky title.

Does it have a demo?

The details are sketchy on this one just now, but we can say that we think the game might well offer a demo version. Best to check it out when it begins to appear online at several casinos.

It’s an obvious yet popular theme

The slot game is based around Mexican wrestling, of course, if you hadn’t already worked that bit out. No need to know much about it – if anything – to play, though.

Offering a cartoonish design

Instead of seeing real wrestlers, you’re going to meet cartoons here – but we guess you already worked that out. There are some fascinating characters here, so you can watch for those to appear as you play.

How to play the Lucha Libre Wins slot game

We have a five-reel slot here, packed with 15 symbols overall. The one thing it doesn’t seem to have is a progressive jackpot.

The game has a rooster as a wild symbol, but this looks like the alter ego of one of the wrestlers in case you wondered! You can find it on reels two and four in this game. There is a bonus card available too, and this could appear on every reel except for the third one.

How many lines can you find in this slot?

There are 30 of them, and since they’re fixed, you must play all of them on every spin.

Does Lucha Libre Wins qualify as a penny slot?

Yes, it does, so this means you’ve got some affordable gameplay ahead of you if you can meet the 30-cent minimum on each spin.

Don’t forget to read the game’s paytable

Make sure you visit the paytable before you get underway, even in the practice version of the game. if you’ve never seen the Lucha Libre Wins slot game before, you need to know the rules surrounding it before you do anything else.

Can you reach the bonus round?

You’ll need those bonus cards to get there, as you might have worked out by now. Find three cards – or more – to reach it. Once you’re there, you’ll see some hens on the screen. You can choose nine of the hens that appear there, with each one delivering a coin prize. How much could you rack up in prizes before the round ends?

Two wilds bring you some free spins

Yes, this has an unusual trigger, and since you only need two wilds to get there, it could be easier to reach than it would otherwise be. You’ll receive eight spins in this game, so it’s a neat feature to check out if you can get there.

RTP value is uncertain

Even though the game has been around for a while, we do not have a clear value to present you with in this part of our review.

What did we think of the Lucha Libre Wins slot game?

There are several games revolving around the wrestling theme, and this one stands up to closer inspection very nicely. Is it our favorite? We’re unsure, but it does have enough to offer that we’d play it a few more times, for sure.

Watch out for some winners along the way

The paytable tells you all about the various prizes in this game, so there are lots of possibilities to pick up prizes. Can you find the best ones among them? Only a few spins will tell the answer to that.

Try the demo to see what you think of the action

Will this be your favorite sports-themed slot game? The practice mode allows you to try the game to see how you fare. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll be any better at the real thing, of course, but you can see what you might expect.

Play the Lucha Libre Wins slot game for real

If you can find this slot game at a participating online casino, check it out and see whether you’d like to sign up to get the chance to play for real.

Expect to play on mobile devices as well

You can rumble on tablet and smartphone too here, did you know?