Million Coins Respin Slots

Million Coins Re-Spin Slots has been dubbed the king of fruit slots. I don’t know about that, but in the intro to this game, you should note there is a caveat which says: Pay to independently spin any reel of your choice. This is exactly what you will find when you first come upon this slot game. Pay to Re-Spin? Normally you would have to pay to play, and the re-spins would come automatically if they are featured in the game. But having to pay for re-spins is a bit much IMHO.

About the Game

Million Coins is a 5-reel, 20-payline video slot. All the symbols in this game are classic, except for two. The cost per line is 5 coins, making the max bet 100 coins per spin. However, at the bottom of the slot you will note five re-spin buttons. For example, each of these re-spins is worth a specific amount in Euro starting from left to right are: 0.35, 0.62, 0.60, 0.01, and 0.01. The numbers change with every spin. There is an Auto Spin button and the pay table that you can access the pay table by clicking on the small ‘I’. I definitely recommend you read this pay table as it will explain the Re-Spin part of this game as well as the general rules, symbols, payouts, and more.

Playing the Game

There is a Wild symbol in this game and if you get all five you will win 50,000 coins. The Fortune Logo will pay out 10,000 coins if you get all five. The Fiery Red Seven will pay out 5000 coins if you get all five; the plain Red 7 will pay out 1500 coins, and the rest of the classic symbols will pay out from 1250 coins down to 100 coins.

The Ultra Win

The 10, 0, 00 winning combinations are paid out only if you bet the max. Here are the payouts line by line:

  • On Line 1 – 10+0+0+0+00 equals 1,000,000 coins
  • On Lines 2-20 – 10+0+0+0+00 equals 100,000 coins
  • On Lines 1-20 - 10+0+0+0+0 equals 100,000 coins; 10+0+0+0 equals 10,000 coins;
  • 10+0+0 equals 1000 coins; 10+0 equals 100 coins; and 10 = 10 coins.

The Re-Spins

The Re-Spin will be available after any normal spin or re-spin. Each reel will cost a certain amount to re-spin and this amount will be displayed on each reel. Only wins involving re-spins reels will be awarded.


Here’s the dilemma I have with this game. The object is to get the numbers 10 and zeroes to win the million coins. However, it can take quite some time to do so. Lining up the 10’s and zeroes is no easy task. Thus, if you enjoy fruit slots and are as patient as all get out, you just might be the one to win one million coins.