Let your Fingers do the Playing

When CNN first introduced touch screen computers during last year's election, everyone was oohing and aahing! Now Microsoft has just launched Windows 7 with touch screen capabilities. This is known as touch-based computing, and it is all the rage! Coincidentally or not, there are land-based casinos in which some of the slot games have this new feature. Will online casino games mimic Windows 7 touch screen?

If you've seen the new commercial for Windows 7, one of the features we noticed is the ability to move, with one's fingertips, two working screens together. In another commercial, we saw that you could tap more than one tile to launch specific applications.

What Are the Advantages of Using Touch Screen?

If you think about it, we use touch screens at ATMs, in department stores, printing pictures at malls, as well as when using electronic gadgets such as the iPod. Thus, touch screens are not new. It follows, then, that the next generation of computers features this application. According to reports, over six million Windows 7 PCs have been ordered for 2010, and that approximately 10% of the new PC models will be enhanced with this new technology.

How Will Touch Technology Affect Online Casino Games?

This is an interesting question and one we have to wait to see how it will be applied. Certainly, with touch screen technology the keyboard and mouse will become extinct. Is it practical? Well, for most people who have used a mouse and keyboard for years and years, it might take some getting use to. But for those who are highly engaged in new technological advancements - this will probably be the icing on the Windows 7 cake!

It may take some time before we know how well Windows 7 touch technology works and how well it is received. But, in the meantime, the prospect of touch technology is an exciting one, and may well serve the online casino industry more than we ever thought possible. It would be akin to playing slots just as you would in a land-based casino!

Perhaps It Is Time To Trade in the Desktop for a Laptop!

Given the fact that touch screen technology may not work well with desktop PCs, it seems more likely that those who are so inclined to use this new technology may have to trade in their desktops for laptops. After all, the idea of using a PC screen with Windows 7 might be a bit cumbersome, and it appears that this new technology is geared more towards laptop users.

In any event, it will probably take a year to determine whether or not touch screens are the wave of the computer future. In the meantime, online casinos may have to wait until the verdict is in before they completely overhaul their software.