There are a number of different payment processors in the world today and a lot of them have their headquarters online. With the recent collapse of NETeller to the vast majority of the people that use it and the consolidation of a number of the services that PayPal used to offer, what you are going to find is that the people that are interested in new payment processors now have a lot to look at when it comes to choice. One of the choices available to them is the ClickandBuy payment processor and ultimately it is this processor that has a lot of innovative things going for it.

Advantages of Using ClickandBuy

One of the main things that make ClickandBuy the type of processor that you would want to have is the fact that it is very diverse in the services that it provides. There are currently in excess of 7,000 merchants from all over the world (except the United States of course) that accept and use the ClickandBuy service with their website. These merchants are located in 26 different countries covering 21 different currencies and when you have that amount of coverage from a single payment processor, you know that the staff that work for the payment processor have to be top notch for it to stay in business. When you are dealing with a number of different reference frames vis-a-vis countries and currencies, staying razor sharp in customer service is the only way to keep your customers and the fact that ClickandBuy has been able to not only keep their customers but also expand their customer base is a testament to how great the processor is.

Another thing that is important to consider when it comes to the ClickandBuy payment processor is experience. Click&Buy has a load of experience when it comes to dealing with these payments and in fact the experience that they have goes back seven years. Over that time, they have been able to really establish themselves in Europe and are now of course starting to expand to the other areas of the world. The service is free and the payments are secure and you know this because of both the professionalism of the staff and the length of the time that they have been able to exist for.

Not Friendly For USA sitizen

Now the major thing that ClickandBuy has going against it is the fact that the payment processor is not open to people in the United States. It is not open to these people due to various rules and regulations that are available on the ClickandBuy website, but the main point is that it is not USA friendly. Many US players who are looking for PayPal slots used to see ClickandBuy as an alternative, but alas, it's not an option.

However, people from the rest of the world can use ClickandBuy in order to facilitate their payments to a number of different merchants and in that way it is definitely one of the better payment processor out there.

Companies are judged by their records, and in the free market that is the internet where competition in every single area is fierce, it is ClickandBuy that has become one of the payment processors to survive and earn their place.