Space Traders Slots

This is a preview of a new slot game entitled Space Traders Slots. It is uniquely different in that there are no lines. However, this 3D slot is like nothing you’ve ever played before, and we have reviewed a myriad of space related slot games.

About the Game

Space Traders Slots is a Mega progressive slot. In this game, we are introduced to two special characters, and I mean characters in ever sense of the word. There is Queen Bea and her trusted sidekick Handy Max, along with Sam the Robot. Their entire mission is to collect rare space junk and sell it to their clients. The slot itself is displayed in an unusual way, but it does have some special features.

Playing Space Traders Slots

The Space Traders Logo is a symbol to watch out for, because when it appears on the reels it is literally locked into place while the rest of the reels spin. To the right is Sam the Robot and in his hand he holds different symbols at different times. When the symbol he holds matches the symbols on the reels to form winning combinations, he will spin around and turn the combination of symbols into Space Junk Symbols.

The Lucky Play

When you get three or more Lucky Symbols (in this case the Space Traders Logo mentioned above), they will lock into place and the remaining symbols will spin until there are no more Lucky symbols appearing on the reels. The payout is doubled.

The Space Junk Bonus Round

Here is one of the best bonus rounds I’ve seen. Here you will be taken to a second screen where Queen Bea will have 3 chances to select space junk that she feels is worth money. She will pick 3 items per each round and the amount of that item will appear on the screen. If she doesn’t like the amounts, she will clear the table of all the items and start again. Handy Max will the give her another set of items to choose from. In total, he will give her 3 sets and each will have a value up to 800 coins. Once the Queen accepts the items, the total prize amount will be awarded to you, the player.

Play the New Space Traders Slots

This cosmic theme-based slot is wild and lots of fun to play. I especially enjoyed the Bonus Round and I advise you to turn up the volume for this one. Come join me and play Space Traders Slots at our recommended casinos.