Cashablanca Slots

Cashablanca Slots

Ca$hablanca is a brand new slot game from the masterminds at Rival. Rival Powered has been around since 2005, so they have an excellent reputation for building fan favorite games. They're all about building beloved games, and they have a long history of doing so. They might not be as old as competitors like RealTime Gaming, but that doesn't mean Rival Powered doesn't have staying power of its own. Their latest game Ca$hablanca draws inspiration from an American romantic drama film from 1942. The original film starred Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman among others, and is set during World War 2. It's all about a character choosing between this love for a woman and helping her husband.,

As you might expect, this game is a flashback to another time and takes place in 1940s French Morocco. The game takes place in a sophisticated nightclub, and features top of the line graphics with impeccable artistic detail. The ambiance of the space is lifelike and bustling with energy. The reel has a vintage flare while being entirely modern at the same time. Remember, slot games actually existed in the 1940s, in a more primal form. The reels of the game are simplistic and designed like they belong in the 1940s themselves.

This sultry atmosphere combines a little bit of vintage Vegas and a little bit of 1940s movie star, bundling them together in one perfectly crafted package. The reels themselves are transparent and feature an elegantly designed golden frame. Floating upon every square of the reels is a different fruit based symbol or classic symbol. There are classic cherry symbols, classic bars and classic lucky 7s. There's also the Ca$hablanca logo that operates as the game's wild symbol, which means it can substitute for other symbols to help form a winning combination. The scatter symbol makes an appearance as the prize wheel, and will unlock special prizes whenever it makes an appearance. I liked this feature because it essentially unlocks a mini game within an otherwise classic feature. The prize wheel gives you the chance to win all sorts of rewards.

Visually, while the game does feature many classic symbols, the characters from the original movie this game do make their own appearances throughout the game, and they're stunningly crafted. The woman is beautiful, the male characters are dapper and overall, it provides the elegant 1940s movie stars seemed to embody.


One of the primary special features is thanks to the Cas$hablanca wild symbol. The wild symbol will help you form winning combinations. However, the scatter symbol is another beast on its own. The Ca$hablanca Wheel is triggered when you activate the free spins round., You need to land three or more scatter symbols and in return you'll land fifteen free spins. During the free spins, you'll win even more because the wild symbol I mentioned earlier shifts to an expanding wild. That means the wild will expand to cover up multiple spaces on the screen, giving you the chance to land more winning combinations because the wild still operates as a substitute. All of this can lead to ample winning opportunities.


At first glance, this looks like a flashy animated classic reel that you would expect to have minimal special features. Classic slots are popular for their own reasons, such as the simplistic game grids that serve as a nostalgic call back to the 1950s. Many gamblers prefer the basic mechanics, and at first glance you could put this game in that category, however I was pleasantly surprised at the bonus features, because thanks to the expanding symbols and bonus wheel, there are tons of exciting win opportunities ready and waiting.