Gold Bricks Slots

When you first come upon Gold Bricks Slots, the screen will only show the slot machine and nothing else. At the bottom you will see Balance, Bet, and Win. Next to Win you will see a gear. Click on this gear and you will see several icons to the left. One is for betting; another is for the pay table, and another is for settings. Yes, this is unusual and could be annoying for those who like classic slots, but go with it for a minute.

About the Game

Gold Bricks Slots is not considered a high-paying slot game, but it does have its advantages. For example, when you click on the Gear icon you will also see a question mark. Click on it and it will explain what special features are in the game. This game does not have any of the features posted under the Question Mark Icon. This is a straight-forward game. Let’s play and find out. The coin values begin with one cent to 25 cents with a max bet of $5 per spin. Also note that this slot is a 3x3 slot game.

Playing the Game

Although the classic symbols pay out okay, it is the 7s that come in bronze, silver and gold. Get all 3 gold 7s to win 50xs your bet. On my first spin, with a max bet of $45, I got 3 plus on the 2nd line and 3 cherries on the 1st line for a total of $225.


If you like classic slots and want to play this particular game on your mobile device, it is available to you. I do recommend this slot game as its 3x3 format allows for multiple wins. Play Gold Bricks slots at our preferred online casinos for US players.