Win Mill Slots

Win Mills Slots from Rival has a wonderful video introduction to the game. Set in Holland, we can see a Dutch man actually build a win mill. Perhaps this is the first slot with this theme, and it is a refreshing one at that.

About the Game

When you play Win Mill Slots the symbols spin clockwise in a fast pace in the foreground, while the wind mill spins clockwise at a slower pace in the background. This is an ingenious design. Moreover, when you get winning combinations, they can appear horizontally, crosswise, and vertically which is another unique feature in this game. In addition, the old man and his daughter are both animated and are located to the right and left of the slot. She claps her hands when you win, and his smile gets even broader. There is an Auto Play for your convenience. You can access the pay table by clicking on the pay table button at the top of the slot.

Playing the Game

In order to win any combination of symbols, they must appear consecutively from left to right. This slot requires 3 coins at 5 cents each max. The total wager bet is $75 per spin. The first page of the pay table shows the lower paying slots including an example of what a winning combination looks like. The second page has three special symbols: the Tulips, a Gold Coin, and the House with the Wind Mill. When you get one Tulip on the reel, and only bet one coin, you will win 1000 coins; bet two coins and win 2000 coins; and bet all three coins to win 5000 coins.

The Bonus Game

When you get three Gold coins, you will trigger the Bonus game. This is an interactive game that only Rival can design. You will be asked to catch as many gold coins that bounce out of the Win Mill as possible. You will also have to find a Gold Coin by choosing the hand that is holding the coin.


This is a very unique, lucrative, and fun game to play as are all Rival’s games that have an interactive bonus round. I highly recommend you play this game at our preferred casinos.