Coyote Canyon Slots

Rival Gaming has a new game, and it's all about the wildlife of the canyon. The canyon is mysterious, filled with legend and mystery. Its wildlife is gorgeous, and coyotes are known to frequent this part of the country. This game takes place in the heart of Cactus Creek Arizona. This area is well explored in Native American folklore, and is as ethereal as it is mysterious. Legend has it, that the canyon is filled with ancestral spirits. When you enter the canyon, you're walking with the spirits of the land. You're bound to uncover all sorts of things, like ancient petroglyphs. You might encounter some wise shamans whose sole purpose is to guide others on their spiritual journey. If you haven't figured it out yet, this isn't your ordinary wildlife based slot game.

Not everything can be shamanism and desert spirits though, so let's get down to the basics! This game takes place on five reels, and features three rows of symbols. It's played on 50 total pay lines, and features an array of wildlife in this deeply transformative landscape. The game grid is laid against a desert landscape, and features sand rocks and cactus on either side of the reel. The sun is clearly beating mercilessly down on these reels, and within the reels many symbols rest. The minimum bet you can place is 0.50 per spin, while the maximum bet is 25.00 per spin. There is a menu you can pull up and use to adjust the sound effects. You can mute the entire game if you'd like, or turn down select sonic elements such as the ambiance or the music.


The top paying regular symbol is the coyote, followed by the jewel symbol and the animal skull. The eagle is next, followed by the canon landscape and the letter symbol. The ram pays out on the lower side, along with the lizard, snake, and other animal creatures. All of the wildlife was well selected and native to the lands this game is based on. The special symbols are the coyote and the native shaman symbols. To land a winning combination, you need to trigger a match of three or more from the leftmost side.

Special Features

When the Call of the Coyote symbol emerges, brace yourself for it to transform into a power 5x wild symbol, and also unlock additional riches. The game has a Free Spins Bonus, and a 10x wild symbol will make an appearance on the reels during that bonus round. It'll multiply your wins from each and every spin. As you play, you might land the Petroglyph Puzzle Bonus Game. During this game, ancient petroglyphs hold the key to winning! You can unlock the mysteries of the deserts and claim real money rewards as you do so. This game also comes with a Bonus Buy feature, so if you wish to purchase a bonus round, you're in luck.

If three or more ancestral spirit symbols appear on the reels, you'll trigger 7, 15 or 50 free spins. These are called the Mystic Mirage Free Spin rounds. This free spin round is re-triggerable, so if you land additional ancestral spirit symbols while on the reels, you can land even more free spins.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this game offers excellent payouts. The theme of the reel isn't what it may appear at first glance. I originally anticipated this would just be a basic wildlife themed game, but incorporating the tribal elements and ancient spirits gave the game its own unique flare, and a mystical quality that really spices everything up.