Fish Catch Slots

Fish Catch Slots is not a traditional slot game. It is more of an interactive arcade game. There are no reels or paylines. But there are cannons that players will use to shoot the fish by honing in on the red line, which depletes the fish's strength when turning white, thereby killing them. There are 20 different fish species and a Mermaid to shoot down. There is also a Wheel of Fortune that has multipliers. Without hesitation, this reviewer can tell plyers that this is one FUN game.

Slot Game Developer

The provider is Real Time Gaming.

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Type of Slot Game

Fish Catch Slots is an arcade-type video game. There are no reels or pay lines.

The Theme

Fish Catch Slots is an interactive catch-a-fish game.

The Design

The first thing that will catch your eye is that there are no reels or paylines in the game area. Instead, the layout is the bottom of the sea, and from the map on the top left, you can select your preferred fishing location. In addition, up to 4 players can play simultaneously and even chat, making it one of the very first interactive slots out there.

Bettin Options

When the game loads, you are presented with six options to choose a bet between 0.01 and 2.50 coins. There are cannons at the bottom of the screen labeled with multipliers for you to use to adjust your wagers. A total of 21 symbols pay you out after several hits, as shown in the paytable. Click on the question mark at the game's top left to access the paytable.

How to Play

The point of the Fish Catch online slot is to aim and shoot at different fish until their health bars deplete (the health bars are red), and you get awarded the corresponding payout for the fish you shoot. The higher the symbol payout, the more cannon power you will need to cash in, and only bullets that hit the symbols will be deducted from your bankroll. Each round lasts 6 minutes, and a new game begins a few seconds later.

Here is a Tip

Aim any cannons toward the right side of the game wall, and the cannon balls will bounce off the walls in a display of gold bombs. In particular, use the 10xs multiplier, which has the most shots and kills more fish.


  • A Magical Bonus Feature
  • In the Fish Catch online slot, your ability to select the appropriate cannon, aim, and shoot at targets will determine how fast you win or lose. To give you a boost, RTG added a feature that takes things to a whole new level:
  • Mermaid's Luck Feature
  • This feature can be triggered when you play the Fish Catch slot online. A wheel of fortune will appear on the screen, and after a 5-second countdown, it will spin and win a multiplier value that will apply to your active bet amount. You may land any of the five multipliers between 78x and 250x when you turn the wheel!

Return to Player

The RTP is 96%.

Slot Game Winners

There have been many-many winners playing Fish Catch Slots.

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Mobile Availability

Fish Catch Slots is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.