Sirens Serenade Slots

Fans of Xena: Warrior Princess will remember the episode in which she boarded the ship of Ulysses, who needed to get back to claim his kingdom. While on the ship, he was mesmerized by the calling of the Sirens, but Xena overpowered them with her song. Welcome to the new slot game Sirens’ Serenade, a fabulous new slot game that has just been released. The introduction to the game is awesome, and you will find this game to offer very high payouts in which you can win up to 52,125 coins!

The Haunting Serenade of the Sirens

This is a preview of what you can expect when you play this game. First, you will see the ship with the now familiar eye, beautiful sirens, and a soundtrack that will stay in your memory for quite some time. The special features in this game include: free spins, double high wilds, scatters, and the amazing possibility of winning up to 52,125 coins with a single spin. This 5-reel, 25-payline slot can also garner you up to 18 free spins with a 2xs multiplier.

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