Forest Frenzy Slots

Forest Frenzy Slots is all about our furry little friends who take on chores that are usually relegated to well - adults. But these little critters know exactly what they are doing in this slot game. With beaver construction workers, to a gopher wearing a bow tie, you will find this slot very amusing. In fact, you will find it so amusing when you look at the multipliers that are associated with every symbol. We're talking huge payouts in this game.

About the Game

Forest Frenzy Slots is a 5-reel, 25-payline slot with a max bet of $125 per spin. You can use the lower coin values in this game. The slot itself is so convoluted that even the card symbols don't make a difference. There is an Auto Play button available. We do recommend you read the 3-page pay table which will enable you to not only get your bearings in this game, but to see the special features, all symbols, and payouts as well.

Playing the Game

As I mentioned earlier, the card symbols fit right in with this game. But even more than that, they are very high paying symbols as well. For example, 5 Kings is worth 4000xs your bet, the highest payout among all card symbols. I particularly love the Seal taking a sunbath with an umbrella on his back. Moreover, there are three special symbols in this game: the Bonus Mushrooms, the Scatter Acorns, and the Wild Pine Cones. When the Wild Pine Cones appear in a winning combination, you will receive handsome payouts. In addition, it should be noted that all wins have their own multipliers.

The Multiplier Factor

If you get two Kings on a pay line, you will win 5xs your bet. Get 5 Gophers to win 60xs your bet; 5 squirrels will win you 80xs your bet; Raccoon gives you 100xs your bet when you get all 5; Squirrel with acorn gives you 150xs your bet when you get all 5; Beaver in overalls will pay out 300xs your bet when you get all 5; the Jack pays out 400xs your bet when you get all 5; the Queen will pay out 800xs your bet when you get all 5; and lastly the precious King - get all 5 to win 4000xs your bet. You can win up to 20,000 coins in this game.

The Bonus Mushrooms

When you get the Mushrooms on reels 2, 3, and 4 on an active pay line, you will be able to play the Bonus game in which you will receive up to 900 bonus points (BP). Get 20 Mushrooms to receive the 900 BP.

The Scatter Acorns

When you get the Acorns on reels 1 and 5 you will win 5 free spins. You can also win the free spins and bonus round at the same time. All you need are two Acorns to win 5 free spins.


On my third spin, I won $910 with a max bet by getting two wilds and three seals. I highly recommend you play Forest Frenzy Slots. This slot has the highest paying symbols, and no matter what you bet, you will always be in the money.