Birds! Slots

Birds! Slots

The background is set in a colorful town with lush greenery where you can actually hear church bells ringing amidst the hustle and bustle of the townspeople, car horns, and consistent traffic. There are 15 birds nestled on three power lines in the foreground, and each bird is as different as the other. This is Betsoft's new slot game Birds! Not just any birds, mind you, but 11 of the most adorably designed birds we've seen. Birds! is a chain reaction game, and one which is fun to play, lucrative, and as different as any 3D game you will find. But the truly spectacular part of playing Birds! is yet to come.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 25-payline bonus video 3D slot, Birds! has coin sizes ranging from two cents to $1, with a max bet of $125. While there is no set jackpot, the way this game works is that any combination of three or more matching birds will result in a win. Wins are rewarded per bird. Thus, the order of payouts can be found in the pay table, and range from 500 coins to 10 coins, respectively. The Wild Bird is an all-color bird when appearing 3 or more times substitutes for all birds seen and unseen. You can win up to 910 coins per wild bird. Note the buttons on the bottom of the slot machine. There is the all-important Free Flights Tweet-O-Meter to the left, followed by the choose coin, bet level, bet and win, max bet, Spin/Skip, Double Up, and Auto Play. The Spin Skip button is the newest attraction in this game. When you first hit Spin, the Skip sign will emerge letting you know that you have a winning combination. The Skip button will remain until there are no more combinations. The 15 birds, 5 on each wire, will then fly away, and the next group of 15 birds will fly in for the next Spin.

The Cascading Birds

After each spin, 15 birds will fly onto the power lines. Any combination of three or more birds that match horizontally or vertically will garner you a prize. Once all winning combinations are paid, the winning birds will fly away. The remaining birds will drop down to fill the open spaces. If no combinations are made during any spin, all the birds will fly away and new birds will fly in to replace them.

The Free Flights Feature

The Meter located to the left of the slot machine, as mentioned earlier, is the Free Flights Tweet-O- Meter. This meter will begin to fill up each time a winning flight of birds takes off. When the meter reaches 4, free spins are activated. The number of free spins awarded will increase as more birds take flight. For example, 4 flights equals 8 free spins; 5 flights equals 12 free spins; 6 flights equals 20 free spins; and 7 or more flights awards 14 free spins including a number of triggering flights. This feature can be retriggered without limit.

Double Up Feature

After any winning spin, you can choose to double your winnings. You can choose to bet half your winnings based on the coin toss. Here, the gold coins have the head of a bird and the tail of a bird. Thus, it's heads or tails. When you choose the correct side, you will double your winnings. You can collect your wins by clicking on the Collect button.

Play Birds!

In the 10 minutes it took to play this game, I won over 600 coins (betting the max). I would also suggest you practice play Birds at first. I would also read the pay table so that you fully understand how this game plays. Then you can go on to play for real money. This is one awesome slot game, and I highly recommend you play Birds! at our featured casino.