Fruit Slot Slots

Fruit Slots is a refreshing slot game that is both soothing and “healthy.” All of the symbols are fruits, and this slot has been given 5 stars by its players. This is a game for all players, new and seasoned. There are three symbols that will be the catalysts to earning large payouts. So play Fruit Slot Slots at our participating casinos.

About the Game

Fruit Slots is a 5-reel, 25-payline bonus video slot. In addition to the Auto Play, there is a Turbo Spin which you can use by holding down the space bar. We recommend you read the 5-page pay table as it contains all the symbols, special symbols, payouts, and rules of the game. The max number of coins per line is 10, and the max bet is $125 per spin. The max jackpot is worth 5000 coins.

Playing the Game

Depending upon your bet (be sure to bet all lines), the payout will change dramatically on the first page of the pay table. For example, if you get all five Grapes, you can win $25,000 with a max bet. If you bet $50, then the five Grapes will be worth $10,000. If you bet the lowest amount of $2.50, then the 5 grapes will be worth $500. Therefore, based on your budget you should bet accordingly. For purposes of this review, I am betting the max. The three special symbols include: The Wild Lemons, which will payout when they appear in a winning combination. That’s always a given. The Bonus Pineapple and the Scatter Cherries are the other two special symbols.

The Bonus Pineapple

When you get 3 Pineapples on an active pay line you can win up to 2920 bonus points or BP.

The Scatter Cherries

When you get 3 Cherries on any pay line, you will win the free spins round wherein you will garner 30 free spins. Also note that you can win both the bonus and free spins round at the same time.


I won $275 followed immediately by $255 by getting the Wild symbol in this game. I then won $1920 in the very next spin by getting 4 plums and a wild. This was followed by a $1330 win with 3 wilds. As you can see from these wins, Fruit Slot Slots is a very lucrative game. The wilds come up very frequently making for an exciting and “fruitful” game. I highly recommend you play Fruit Slot Slots at our recommended casinos.