Magic Lines Slots

For those of you who liked to play the original classic slot games, we have one for you. Magic Lines Slots is just that…an oldie but a goodie slot in that it has one feature most traditional slots do not have – The Repeater Panel. Not the slow itself has all the classic symbols. The pay table is located to the right of the slot so that you can refer to it at any time. In addition to the Repeater Panel, the bottom buttons consists of Double Stake, 1-5 Win Lines, and Start/Stop Button. At the top left corner of the slot, you can watch your balance, credits, and wins.

Playing Magic Lines Slots

This is a relatively easy game to play. All the bells and whistles are incorporated into this slot game. However, the one difference is the Repeater Panel. How does this extra feature operate? Glad you asked. The Repeater Panel is located at the top of the slot machine. It has a circuit of arrows and in these are tabs for Bet, Win, and Credits. There is also a separate panel with red arrows going upwards. When you hit the Start/Stop button while the sign and arrows are lit, you will be taken to the next round. Round two will give you access to another feature in which you will have to press the Stop button when the lights are lit again. If you can do this, you will win double your payout. Basically, the repeater panel tests your speed and skill.

Play Magic Lines Slots

Although we found this slot to be okay in this genre, it is the repeater panel that will keep you playing longer than you probably wish to. Do you have the skills to beat the lights? Find out by playing Magic Lines Slots at our recommended casinos.