Lucky Number Slots

Lucky Number Slots is a game in which there are three special symbols that are important to this game. The rest of the symbols are classic, including lemons, plums, and cherries. The other symbols are card symbols. This is the essence of this game. All of the symbols are shiny. While I found the cards to be annoying, I do have to say that they fit in with this pseudo classic game. Easy to play, the full size slot is ideal for new online slot players.

About the Game

Lucky Number is not a hard game to play. The 3-page pay table outlines all the symbols, payouts, and special symbol features. We recommend you read the pay table before playing the game. There is an Auto Play button available.

Playing the Game

On the first page of the pay table you will find the three fruits and the card symbols. The highest paying symbol is the Lemon. Get all five to win 5000 coins. The Plum will yield 1000 coins if you get all five; and the Cherry will pay out 750 coins when you get all five. In addition to these symbols there is a Bonus 7 symbol; Two Gold Bells Scatter symbol; and the Triple Red 7s Wild symbol.

The Special Symbols

  • The 7 Shiny Bonus symbol will activate the Mystery Bonus Blocks Bonus Game when you get three of them on an active pay line.
  • The Two Gold Bell symbol will trigger the Free Spins round in which you will be awarded 20 free spins. Note that free spins and bonuses can be won together. Also, if you get 3 Gold Bells, you will win 3 free spins; 4 Gold Bells will garner you 10 free spins; and 5 Gold Bells will win you the 20 free spins.
  • The Red Triple Sevens are Wild and will increase your winning when they appear on the reels.

The Bonus Game

On my third spin I was able to get three red 7s and receive the chance to play the Bonus Game. On a second screen, The Mystery Bonus Blocks appeared in 3 different colors: Green, Gold, and Red. The rules state that each block has a different value which is revealed briefly. Once they are jumbled up, you have to choose a block from each color to see what you have won. Once you see the value of each block, you have to hit Jumble. The blocks then speed up and are pretty much placed in different order. I won $180 in this game.


Play Lucky Number Slots and see if you can unravel the blocks in the bonus round. The block looks like a Rubick’s Cube, but you have to keep an eye on the top prize to see where it finally ends up.