Wild Walker Slots

Some players never go near volatile slot games. They are known for going through many barren spins without triggering a prize. However, when they do trigger one, they are more likely to trigger a series of wins in quick succession. Those prizes can be significant too, although you cannot be certain what might happen on any spin.

If volatile games do appeal to you though, check out the Wild Walker slot game from Pragmatic Play.

4,900x your wager is possible here

The game screen confirms you could collect over this amount in prizes, although it doesn’t make it clear just how much more might be possible.

The freakiest zombie we’ve ever seen

Make sure you are ready for superb graphics and a 3D zombie wild standing at full height on the reels. He is reaching out with one bloodied hand, and he looks hungry. He even has a chunk missing out of his side. This is not a game for the faint hearted!

The good news is that the full-height wild zombie moves from one reel to another during play. That means every spin is guaranteed to have one full height wild involved somewhere in the mix. Aren’t you glad you get to see him so often?

Free spins introduce a four-level feature

It’s nice to see Pragmatic Play doing something different here. You can potentially unlock four levels when you reach this round by securing three or more bonus icons over the reels of the base game.

Levels one, two, three, and four show five, six, seven, and eight reels, respectively. If you think the original zombie is freaky, wait until you see the ‘delights’ waiting for you on the other levels. We won’t spoil it – we’ll just say they don’t look too healthy either.

Unlock the locked reels as you play the free games

The idea is that you begin on level one with five reels. Three others are locked. You need three bonus symbols in a spin to unlock the next one. There are wilds involved in each case, and they change depending on the level you’re playing.

Would you dare to play Wild Walker?

Don’t forget the volatility level in this one. If you usually stick to low volatility slots, the best way to try this is to stick to the demo.

The game has plenty of potential though, especially once you reach the free spins. You’ll want to try and unlock those extra reels… but can you make it happen?