Sneak-a-Peek: Planet Exotica

Adding to its Sneak a Peek series of slot games, Microgaming has pulled out all the stops to create Sneak-a-Peek Planet Exotica Slots, a game that even Agent Mulder would give up the X-Files to play. Touted as one of the most provocative slot games ever created by Microgaming, slot enthusiasts will be uttering the "beam me up" phrase in tandem excitement. With graphics that are literally out of this world, you are going to love playing Sneak a Peek Planet Exotica Slots both for its lucrative value and sexual entendre.

What's in a Name?

In Sneak a Peak Planet Exotica Slots - everything! With such bonus features as wilds, scatters, multipliers, and free spins - you may easily take your mind off the $10,000 jackpot as each spin reveals a bevy of strippers who will entice and reward you for the sheer pleasure of landing three or more Planet Exotica Logos entitling you to play the Select a Smooch free spins game. Depending upon whose lips you choose, you can win up to 10 free spins that double your winnings.

The Women of Planet Exotica

When you first play Sneak a Peek Planet Exotica Slots, you will be introduced to some of the sexiest women on earth including: Lumeena, Asherah, Tandy, Meduna, and Sooki. In addition, look for other symbols that will add to your overall winnings including: money, bouncers, barmen, martini, valet, and lip gloss. The Planet Exotica Logo is wild) and so are the women! When this symbol appears in conjunction with one of these ladies, well…..let's just say the "reel" party begins!

Bet Your Bottom Dollar on Sneak a Peak Planet Exotica Slots

Ideally suited for all slot players' pockets, Sneak a Peak Planet Exotica Slots has a max bet of $30. A 5-reel, 15-payline bonus video slot, we have no doubt you are going to thoroughly enjoy this slot game for its sassiness and, of course, its payouts. We invite you to play Sneak a Peak Planet Exotica Slots at our featured Microgaming Casinos.