So Many Monster Slots

New from Microgaming is this wonderfully animated slot game entitled So Many Monsters Slots. Although it may seem a bit like a kid's game, we can assure you this is a lucrative game requiring serious play. This is the first of three new slots from this software giant that also includes So Much Candy Slots and So Much Sushi Slots. Although not open to US players, there is no doubt our non-US friends will have a blast playing this new slot. So let's begin this review with So Many Monsters for those of you who enjoy this particular theme.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 25-payline, So Many Monsters Slots has coin values beginning with one cent to 20 cents. The max bet is $250. The jackpot is a whopping 320,000 coins. With wild symbols, scatters, multipliers, and a bonus game - we recommend you read the pay table to acclimate yourself to all that this game offers.

Monster Symbols

At first glance, the "monsters" are not as scary as you may thing, but are quite cute. However, these monsters have a great deal to offer in payouts and the key is that how they pay out is very unique. The monsters are colorful and range from blue to green to purple to yellow and finally red. Using the Many More Monsters feature, you can choose between High Symbols (the yellow monsters) that can be split up to 5 thereby creating additional winning combinations, or you can opt for Split Level Symbols (the red monsters) that can reward you with up to a 25 symbol win. There is also the So Many Monsters Logo which substitutes for all other symbols except for the scatter symbol. This logo symbol has the potential of paying out 300xs your bet when five appear at once. The scatter symbol is a menacing eye and will activate the free spins round. Additionally, if you get all five monster symbols which can be converted to 25 monster symbols, you can win 560xs your trigger bet.

Win Up to 64,000 Coins!

Each of the monsters in this slot game come with their own free spins rewards. Therefore, get three or more of any color monster and you will earn free spins depending upon the monster that appears three or more times. But there's the catch! You get to choose between the five monsters who have anywhere from 8 to 16 free spins attached to them and where you can earn 64,000 coins per line! We don't want to spoil any surprises in this slot game as there are many. Suffice to say we recommend you read the pay table and see for yourself the lucrative value of this free spins round. Keep in mind that it is the eye symbol that will trigger the free spins round, and this round is an eye-popper.

Play So Many Monster Slots

If you want to play a slot game this offers some very unique challenges and some very lucrative wins, we highly recommend you play So Many Monsters at our participating casino. It truly is a "monster" of a game.