Sunken Treasures Slots

The thing that appeals to us most about Sunken Treasure, the brand-new video slot game from Real Time Gaming, is that it manages not to take itself too seriously. This undersea-themed game maintains a light hearted attitude throughout, making it one of the more entertaining games we've had the opportunity to play recently. The cartoon graphics are extremely endearing, but they're not the only attractive thing about this game - it has a multilevel bonus mini-game that you can launch with the right combination of symbols, and a top jackpot that pays out $25,000! Try Sunken Treasures today by downloading it free from Silver Oak Casino - it's the most fun you've had underwater.

Take a Deep Breath

With Sunken Treasures, finding riches under the sea has never been so easy - no treasure map or a compass is required to start hauling in riches with this game. All you need is some free time on your hands and a willingness to have fun. This is a five reel game, and the concept is simple. All of the reels have a selection of symbols on them; you will be spinning the reels and placing bets on the outcome. The game pays out money if matching symbols line up with each other along a pay line when the reels come to a halt. To make it easier to win, there are multiple pay lines that wend their way across the five reels - Sunken Treasures supports 20 in all. Each line that you play costs an extra bet, but also increases the statistical likelihood of collecting a win on each spin.

Rich Undersea Flora

The symbols you will hit most often are playing card icons - the money they bring is most welcome, but it's dwarfed by what is available higher up the pay table. In particular you will want to be watching out for things like the Starfish, his friend the Angelfish, and the Anchor. The top jackpot is paid out when you hit a line of Treasure Chests - if you were playing on maximum bet, you'd be smiling to the tune of $25,000.

Dive Into the Money

Sunken Treasures has a multistage many games that is launched when you hit at least three Undersea Shipwrecks. In the bonus mini-game, you managed to swim inside the shipwreck, where you find many chests - but you don't have enough air to stick around and open them all, so you'll have to choose 3 of them. Most of the chests contain instant cash. But if you're very lucky, you might discover a trigger to the game's second round. In round 2, you get to do a jewel pick where you could win up to 500x your initial wager!