Totem Quest Slots

A brand new slot game released by Juicy Stakes Casino is so exciting and entertaining that we couldn’t wait to tell you about it. You have to play the new Totem Quest Slots at Juicy Stakes Casino for several reasons. First, it has three bonus games; second, the graphics and animations are incredible, and third, the bonus games are so different and unique providing you hours and hours of fun!

Totem Quest Slots Game Facts

Totem Quest Slots is a 5-reel, 25-payline video slot game with a jackpot of 2000 coins. The coin size ranges from 5¢ to $5, with a maximum bet of $125. The tile symbols are beautifully designed capturing the essence of its theme. Along with the three bonus games, there is a free spins round in which you can win up to 15 free spins.

Fun and Easy to Play

Totem Quest Slots is one of the most entertaining games you’ll find anywhere. The bonus game requires you to use the cursor in two of the bonus games, and your mind in the third bonus game. The paytable clearly delineates the symbols and their payouts. The auto play feature is easy to use. All you have to do is to click on the 5x or 10x buttons to allow the selected number of spins to activate.

Free Spins Bonus Feature

To trigger the free spins round, you need to get 3 or more Totem Heads symbols, which are the scatter symbols. With 3 scatters, you will win 7 free spins; with 4 scatters – 10 free spins, and with 5 scatters – 15 free spins will be awarded. There is also a retrigger feature giving you the opportunity to earn additional spins.

Bonus Games

The most exciting feature of this game is the three bonus games. The first is Catch the Gem. When you get 3 or more Indian Bags, the bonus game will appear on a second screen. You will be asked to catch 10 falling jewels to receive the maximum number of points.

The second bonus game is called Flying Tiles. This is loads of fun to play and is activated when you get 3 bombs during regular play. Flying Tiles requires you to pop 10 flying tiles that appear on a second screen. Use your cursor to pop these tiles and receive additional bonus payouts.

The third bonus game is called Trip through Worlds, and is more of a puzzle than a game. To activate this bonus round you need to get 3 or more Bomb symbols during regular play. When you do, you will be taken to another screen wherein a box will appear with different colored tiles. Your objective is to arrange 4 tiles of the same color to solve the puzzle. Once you solve the first puzzle, you will be asked to solve another; and a third, if you manage to get through the first two. The total bonus win, in points, is multiplied by the bet per line value. The total value is displayed on the final bonus game screen. Bonus wins are multiplied by the bet per line.

Play Totem Quest Slots

If you want to play one of the most entertaining new slot games to come along in quite some time, play Totem Quest Slots at Juicy Stakes Casino.