Triple Profits

You may not triple your profits playing this slot game, but it is fun nonetheless. It utilizes the hold buttons in a very unique way. Also, the reels spin starting from the bottom, thus allow you the opportunity to decide what symbols you want to hold on to while the top two pay lines spin. A classic slot based on a money theme, you are sure to find Triple Profits slots a challenge when you download and play it at our featured casino.

Three Times the Fun

A 3-reel, 3-payline slot game, Triple Profits Slots is ideally suited for penny slot players. With coin denominations running the gamut from 1¢ to $5, you can pick and choose how much you want to wager depending on your budget. The max bet is $75, but the payouts are worth every penny. With a first jackpot worth 1000 coins, and a second worth 100 coins, it’s a good idea to read the pay table so that you know exactly how to play this slot game.

Money, Money, Money

The symbols in Triple Profits slots include: a Gold Bar (which is the wild symbol), a dollar sign, a bag of money in different colors, safe, calculator, scales, a weight, and a stack of dollar bills. To play this slot game, you first have to decide how much you want to bet as well as how many pay lines (play all pay lines for best results). Then click on the spin button. The bottom reels will show three symbols. Two may or three may be the same or they all are different. You decide what symbol(s) you want to hold by clicking on the hold button directly beneath the row of symbols. Spin again and the top two reels will spin. If you get any matches, each pay line will reveal your prize amount.

Triple Profits Bonus

When I played this game for review, I held onto the stack of dollar bills symbol because three of these symbols will activate the Triple Profits Bonus game. In this game, you are presented with bags of money. Choose among them to reveal your prize. But in addition to the stacks of money, don’t forget about the Wild symbol. If this symbol shows up on the first spin, you may very well see it stacked vertically on the first line. If so, there is no need to hold it because it will stay automatically until you spin to win.

A Buck, A Pound, A Mark, Or a Yen….

Either way you slice it, Triple Profits Slots is a very unusual slot game and is well worth your downloading and playing for the sheer fun of it.