Win Place or Show Slots (Amigotechs)

Win Place or Show slots is a lively and lovely 5 reel slots game from JustBet that offers great winning opportunities together with a progressive jackpot. In direct contrast to the Deal or No Deal Slots this 5 reel slots game does not offer any bonus games or off screen games, all of the game and the possibilities are presented to you on one screen and you can even see all of the payouts offered on the screen in front of you.

Five Reel Slots with Progressive Jackpot and Horse Racing Theme

Win Place or Show slots is a five reel slots game with a horse racing theme. Apart from the standard slots symbols that include the single bars, double bars, triple bars, sevens and cherries you can also find colorful jockeys on their horses and gold cups. There is a set coin size of $0.50 and in this game you can bet a maximum of three coins per spin. It is always best to try and bet the maximum number of coins where possible as you can win the maximum amount with the maximum coin bet. In the case of Win Place or Show slots the progressive jackpot can only be won when you place a maximum bet of three coins and land three of the golden trophies on the payline. If you have only bet two coins and land three of the golden trophies you win 1000 coins and a single coin bet with three golden trophies will give you 500 coins. The next best payouts are for three jockeys where you can win 900 coins for a three coin bet.

How the Progressive Jackpot Works

The progressive jackpot is made up of contributions from every player who plays the Win Place or Show slots at any of the participating casinos. A small portion of each bet placed is taken towards the progressive jackpot and thus the more people that play the game the more the progressive jackpot grows. Win Place or Show slots is a game of luck, there is not much skill involved here but one thing you must remember is to make sure you have enough bankroll i.e. money available to play a good few rounds of the game. It is very rare that you can win the jackpot on the first spin but it is not impossible. Win Place or Show slots can be found at many of the Wager Gaming Technology casinos and at some you can even choose to play the instant version of the game with no need to download the casino or game to your computer. Whichever version you choose to play you will enjoy and benefit from a great game that offers some fantastic winning options in addition to the progressive jackpot.