20000 Leagues Slots - 5 Reel, 25 Payline Slot

Liberty Slots Casino brings us back one of the greatest slot games 20,000 Leagues Slots and yes - it is US friendly casino! Go ahead; make Jules Verne proud as you brave mighty sharks and don deep sea, futuristic diving apparatuses in search of sunken treasure. What is more exciting than being the captain of your own submarine? Winning $50,000, that's what. But the beauty of 20,000 Leagues is that you can do both! Dive the depths of the great blue and learn about all its mysteries. This 5 reel, 25 payline slot will intrigue and challenge you every spin.

The World According to Jacques Cousteau; or How to Win Big Underwater

Before taking on the job of under sea captain, it's critical to familiarize yourself with what the job entails. You can't just dive blindly into the 20,000 Leagues without preparing yourself. There is some basic strategy here that will help you in your wet adventures. With a minimum bet of 1 cent and a maximum of $250, you have a great amount of control over you bet per spin. That said, regardless of which coin size you use, if you can swing it, it's worth choosing all 25 paylines to greatly increase your chances of hitting an important symbol or big spin.

There are Always More Fish in the Sea, but only One Treasure!

When it comes time to plan your undersea excursion in search of the treasure, it's best to learn what is in store. 20,000 Leagues has 5 important symbols that will hopefully grace your every spin. First are the two substitute symbols, the Yellow Submarine and the 20,000 Leagues logo. Both of these substitute for all other symbols (except each other). The next symbol you'll be eagerly anticipating is the zombie looking sea captain. It's unclear why he looks like he does, maybe he's just too obsessed with the treasure or maybe he suffered too many shark bites, but either way, spin 5 of his freaky mugs and you'll win 5,000 times your coin size! Next in line is the futuristic diving suit. This symbol could potentially be worth up to 2,000 your coin size. The bottom line is that, with a little preparation and a lot of guts, once you dive in you're in for an experience of a lifetime.

Where to Begin your Journey

The most important first step in the underwater adventure you are about to take is where to anchor your ship and jump in. You must pick the location very carefully to ensure success. Your online casino of choice for where to play 20,000 Leagues will also greatly influence your overall experience. An excellent casino with some of the most innovative and exciting promotions, at Liberty Slots USA Casino you'll not only be treated to Old West hospitality, but their Six Shooter sign up Bonus is second to none. It is by far one of the most generous and well rounded sign up bonus online today and is sure to keep you as a loyal player there for a long time to come.