New Dealer Training School in Maryland

The Maryland Live! Casino has opened a brand new dealer training school in anticipation of the additional tables that it is planning on adding to the casino following the lifting of restrictions for gambling in the State of Maryland. The new dealer training school runs courses that are 12 weeks long and it is not automatic that participants will immediately receive jobs at the casino at the end of the course. Course participants need to pass an exam set by the lecturers in addition to an interview process before they are offered a job. The jobs are high level and pay between $50000-$60000 per annum, therefore making the demand for places on the course high. Criteria to be accepted on the course include a great smile, good personality and a very thick skin to be able to deal with all of the different customers that pass through the casino. The first course is well underway and has just under 600 students, the casino and players are eagerly waiting to meet the new protégés at the tables.