New Jersey Casino Introducing TV Gambling

The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa is the first licensed casino in New Jersey to introduce TV gambling from the hotel rooms. The idea behind this new concept is that the casino wants to get players familiar with the online gambling concept which will soon be legalized in New Jersey. Players will be able to enjoy one slots game and four different video poker games using their TV remote control. The whole system was created and is maintained by Allin Interactive who have also enforced controls into the system that insist on a user name, password and pin number. Players can place up to $2500 in bets per day through electronic accounts and winnings can be stored in their account for later player or can be withdrawn from one of the cashiers on the casino floor. Eventually the casino hopes to be able to offer hand held devices to players who can walk around anywhere on the property and place bets, similar to mobile gaming from the internet world. The start of this new system of TV gambling will be launched on February 18th after all the systems have been put in place and been checked a number of times.